What is Zennies (ZENI) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Zeni Zone is a Bitcoin based platform that is fully decentralized. The platform uses a system of nodes to ensure that all cryptocurrency transactions on the platform are secure. It is a gaming-based platform that offers its users a cheaper way to play video games and complete in app transactions.

About Zeni Zone – Zennies

Users can use Zennie Tokens to purchase games on the Zeni zone platform and make in-app purchases. The fees are less than third-party platforms like the Apple Store and Google Play. Zeni Zone is an arcade game-based platform.

Zennie Tokens can be transferred securely and instantly. The Zeni Zone platform is peer to peer based and allows platform users to pay far lower fees because they purchase games and in app purchases directly from the game developer.

The platform uses a Proof of Stake concept that rewards users who hold and stake Zennie Tokens in their digital wallets. It uses a Scrypt algorithm similar to Bitcoin. There are 1 billion Zennie Tokens (ZENI) available. Users will receive 1% interest per year for each ZENI they stake. The blocktime for the Zeni Zone blockchain is 1 minute, which allows extremely fast transactions and confirmations. The blockchain confirms each transaction.

Users can create their own arcade-style mobile video games and receive ZENI tokens as a reward. The platform currently features over 1,500 different games. Users can search through available games on the homepage and can search through several different categories, including Recently Played, Popular, and Featured.

There are several different types of games available, including arcade style games, adventure-themed games, action games, RPG games, and shooting games. Users are able to rate games that they play and leave comments and feedback that can be viewed by platform users.

Users can customize their profiles and display their rankings publicly. Additionally, users can embed games on websites off of the Zeni Zone platform.

Users are able to live chat with other players when they play games online. Zeni Zone works on desktop and mobile platforms and on iOS and Android devices. The platform also supports several different languages, including English, French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Latvian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Czech, Dutch, Vietnamese, and Portuguese. Other arcade sites are able to access Zeni arcade games. The platform also features HTML5 games from various developers.

Users are able to access game development features and tools. Players and creators can use the tools to integrate Zeni games into their own games or further develop the games.

New users can create a free profile and earn referral points. Once the sign-up process is complete, each user receives a unique referral code. Users who complete successful referrals earn Zexperience points and are able to exchange the points for ZENI. The platform is fully decentralized and is accessible anywhere in the world.

ZENI can be acquired on several exchanges, including YoBit, C-CEX, NOVA Exchange and Coin Exchange. The platform does not have an active website or Whitepaper. There have been few updates since 2017.


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