What is Wild Crypto (WILD) Crypto Beginner’s Guide 

With the popularity of gambling and the global nature of the internet, it is not surprising that cryptocurrencies designed for games are popping up all over the market. Not all countries—such as the USA and UK—are happy with this growth, but that isn’t stopping developers. Wild Crypto is a cryptocurrency and gambling website that offers a variety of games.

Where to Start with Wild Crypto (WILD)

Wild Crypto is a website that caters to gambling gaming. It offers a variety of options, including instant win games and a lottery. Users simply sign up for an account with the website and enter their details. Once that is done, players enter a wallet address to connect to their account. Since Wild Crypto only takes its own currency, WILD, players must use a wallet capable of holding that currency.

Prizes that are won through any of the games offered on the website will be deposited directly into the player’s wallet.


Wild Crypto offers a variety of gaming options, including instant win and slots. Once a player is registered, they will have the option of choosing from numerous games. Users pay with WILD directly from their connected accounts.

The website also offers a lottery, which is played similarly to most traditional lotteries. Players will select six numbers and then bonus numbers or are automatically assigned random numbers using Lucky Dip. Jackpots are paid out in WILD and range anywhere from 1 million WILD to 2 million. Multiple wins will be shared equally among winners.

Prizes will be deposited directly into a winner’s wallet and can be turned into other cryptocurrencies on multiple exchanges. Unfortunately, some games are not accessible in certain countries due to laws or game providers not servicing certain them.


The Wild Crypto currency, WILD, is the only currency available to use on the website. It is an Ethereum based currency and can be used with Ethereum wallets. Once a player signs up for the service, they will have an option to add funds to their wallet, which can be done multiple ways.

If a player already holds WILD tokens, they will be given the option to deposit their WILD tokens from the wallet address linked to their account. If a player does not yet have WILD, the website will give them the option to purchase WILD using ETH. ShapeShift allows players to purchase WILD with BTC and other supported currencies, which again will be transferred to the registered wallet. Players must use the wallet that they registered with, and not doing so will incur processing fees.

Gaming is one of the most popular pastimes online, and it’s only natural that crypto communities would create platforms and websites that draw players. Unfortunately, some countries have law restrictions regarding gambling and the use of crypto, and Wild Crypto is not available in the USA, UK, France, the Netherlands, and Curaçao. Countries that have access to this website, however, will be able to enjoy its instant win and lotto options.


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