What is WavesGo (WGO) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

WavesGo is a block explorer for the Waves blockchain. WavesGo is built with HTML5, AngularJS, and a BI System that utilizes Node.JS and MongoDB. It gathers data from the Waves network and displays it in a table. The block height, age, amount of tokens generated, and the transaction fees are listed.

WavesGo utilizes nodes and provides a LPOS (leasing proof-of-work) mining pool. This allows Waves holders to lease their mining power to WavesGo and receive payment for it.  

A Token for the WavesGo Platform

WGO is the ticker symbol for the digital currency used within WavesGo – WavesGo token. This token is based in the Waves blockchain. WGO tokens were distributed from April to July 2017. WCT (Waves Community Token) holders were eligible for WGO tokens. Another way to get WGO tokens is by leasing the Waves blockchain to the WavesGo LPOS mining pool. A third option is to purchase WGO tokens on the Waves DEX (Integrated Decentralized Exchange) or another exchange.

Trading WGO Tokens

WGO tokens are traded on two exchanges – Waves Decentralized Exchange and Tidex. WGO tokens are paired with WAVES and BTC tokens. The WGO token has a market capitalization of $107,124. Daily trading volume is $509. 8,936,482 WGO tokens are in circulation. A total of 8,936,487 WGO tokens are available.

The current price of WGO is:

$0.011987 USD (-21.26%)

0.00000185 BTC (-21.04%)

0.00693778 WAVES (-22.52%)

Recent trading data reveals a declining token. At the end of 2017, the WGO token was above the $3.5 million mark. As the new year approached, the token experienced volatility. It dropped to $2.7 million by the first of January 2018. Then, it rose to the $3 million mark temporarily, before declining in value over the next month. It bottomed out near $635,000 by the first week of February. There was a period of growth from mid-February to the first week of March. It peaked at $1.3 million. The rest of the year brought further losses. The WGO token lost value for six months, bottoming out at $107,124. There was a promising spike in August, but the gains were lost immediately. Currently, the WGO token is ranked 1,028th on the list of cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Use WGO Tokens to Buy Items and Services

WGO tokens are used for the following goods and services in the WavesGo ecosystem:

  • Ad space
  • White label solutions – faucet and LPOS code for 3rd parties
  • New WavesGo features
  • API for BI System

WGO token holders will receive a share of profits gained from these goods and services. This includes a share of earnings from:

  • LPoS earnings (% of MRT generated)
  • Ad space renting
  • Selling tools
  • API access
  • Future paid services and products

WavesGo Additional Benefits and Token Distribution

WGO token holders can influence decisions by voting. Only WGO token holders can vote. They can vote for features that they want in the WavesGo ecosystem.  

A total of 10 million tokens were created. There wasn’t an ICO. They were distributed according to this list:

35% – All Waves Accounts

25% – WavesGo Leasers

15% – Founders

10% – WCT Holders

10% – Marketing and Contract Work

 5% – Development and Infrastructure Costs


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