What is Votecoin (VOT) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

In the past decades, technologies have revolutionized in every area of the lives of individuals. The utilization of technology is broadly spread and is expanding rapidly. Nonetheless, even with the advancement of technology, there is no trace of people development. Ideas, products, and services need to be improved constantly to remain on track.

Votecoin is a platform for crypto that is best suited for purposes of voting like elections. It is centered on the Zerocoin protocol and is entirely anonymous. The goal of Votecoin is to provide a solution to the range of issues experienced by individuals whey it has to do with voting by offering an innovative and new crypto with the appropriate feature

Benefits of Votecoin

It comes with a Multi-platform Wallet
Only Linux text-node clients are supported by Zcash. The aim of Votecoin is to offer a wallet which is easy for the public. The wallet will possess all the core applications which consist of Windows, Mac OS as well as windows

It does not have any period of slow start
Platform users will benefit from a quick start period in comparison to the slow start period of Zcash. Votecoin has eradicated miners fraction reward so they can have the capacity to attain their complete reward right from when they begin utilizing the platform.

• Absence of Founder Reward
In comparison to other platforms where founders are rewarded with a specific coin percentage, Votecoin has gotten rid of this feature and gives participants the capacity to get their complete reward.

Features of Votecoin

Votecoin has six core features based on the official website of the platform. Some of these features consist of:

VOT Token

The platform utilizes the VOT token. An overall of 220 million VOT was available. The block reward is capped at 125 VOT and it has a 2.5 min Block time

Complete transparency

Transactions and votes using this platform are transparent. This means that all the platform’s processes are publicly visible and totally anonymous

Multiplatform wallet

The major focus of this user is to provide users with a wallet application which can work on multiple platforms depending on their requirements

Zcash Base

The source code utilized by Votecoin is centered around Zcash. It goes alongside similar trusted setup offered by the team of Zcash

Fair coin distribution

Due to the fact that there are no rewards for founders and a period of slow start, everyone utilizing the platform is certain of fair coin distribution.

The VoteCoin team

The core team of VoteCoin consists of three developers. Tomas Matejicek is the lead. The team seems quite elusive and don’t interact with the community directly.

How to Mine VoteCoin

Votecoin can be mined on LamboMoon. For additional options, you can pay a visit to the Votecoin Bitcointalk announcement or check out their Discord group.
There is a possibility of Network hash consolidating on larger pools, so its best to proceed with caution when selecting where to mine

Where to Trade VoteCoin

Presently, you can trade Votecoin on Crex24 and TradeSatoshi. There is also a Binance application currently in the works.


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