What is Voise Coin – Crypto Beginner’s Guide

The music industry is always in the news for one reason or another. Whether it be for an upcoming concert, a musician’s charity, an artist having a complete meltdown or one of the many scandals surrounding profits, there is always a bit of noise to be heard. While it is great to see people making it as musical entrepreneurs there is often a dark side to all of this success.

The music industry is a very ludicrous one. Many artists have to rely on record labels to just get their name out there and their work on the radio. With these record labels and big-name CEOs comes the hefty price of losing a chunk of your hard-earned profits.

Now, some may think this is perfectly okay since the record labels often do all the marketing, make the studio payments and provide other luxuries and perks to the artists. But at what cost? You still end up losing more money for things most people are now able to do at home with a computer and some marketing knowledge.

It definitely leads one to question just how valuable is a record label now when many musicians and artists can make more money through other means. Youtube.com has provided many entrepreneurs with the opportunity of earning a small profit. Many cryptocurrencies have also been working on solutions to help entrepreneurs support themselves and succeed as well.

For anyone who is willing to put the work and time in, all it takes is a bit of patience, produce good content that people will want, and be a bit market savvy with your goals. And that is where Voise cryptocurrency has decided to put its own two cents into the matter. Voise wants to give future musicians and artists an opportunity of a lifetime!

Voise: Revolutionizing the Music Creation and Streaming Industry One Token at a Time

The developer team of Voise intends to provide its users with a way to gain a 100 percent of the profits and bypass the middlemen that steal a chunk of profit from the artist or musician. The way Voise hopes to do this is through a decentralized music streaming and downloading platform. The goal is to provide users with a secure platform that allows anonymous transactions of all earnings to occur.

How Does Voise Work?

Voise works as a peer to peer platform where people can buy, sell, and listen to music. The Voise platform operates on an Ethereum-based blockchain, smart contracts, and a personalized Voise token.

Essentially, all entrepreneurs who want to sell their music can do so by uploading their content onto the Voise platform. They can price their own songs and offer free pieces to then be used on the Voise streaming. This will allow people to listen to the users content and then provide reviews about the content and/or purchase the song.

Basically, all profit goes straight to your wallet without a commission being taken.

The Voise platform allows multiple types of cryptocurrencies to be used for purchasing music since the currencies are converted into Voise tokens (Voisiums) before purchases are made. This simplifies transactions, allows all transactions to be timestamped, and makes sure the platform remains anonymous and secure.

Users can store the Voisiums in their personal desktop wallets, on the Voise platform, or on another web-based cryptocurrency wallet for free. Voisiums make purchasing music on the platform the easiest out of all the methods offered.

Final Thoughts

Voise offers a wonderful solution to an otherwise corrupt and scandalous industry. It gives musicians and artists a way to finally make it big without having to pay out massive commissions to record labels. The platform also gives entrepreneurs a way to market their content thanks to the free streaming function offered.

This makes Voise a great platform for anyone who wants to try their hand at being the next rock, pop, or rap star.


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