What is Virta Unique Coin (VUC) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

The cryptocurrency market is a big place, and many platforms, programs, and coins vie for a position of relevancy within it. Generally, for a coin to stand out, it has to offer new options or improvements on popular features that crypto enthusiasts want to see. Even then, that does guarantee the adoption and success of a coin in the market. This can be seen with the Virta Unique Coin, a promising cryptocurrency that did not make the cut.


The Virta Unique Coin begun as a fork of the VirtaCoin, which was released in 2014. The newest incarnation was released in mid-2017 to high expectations, as the VirtaCoin had been around for several years and the team behind it had been consistent about maintaining the coin.

However, VirtaCoin holders were only given two weeks to transfer their coins to the new fork, which is not a lot of time to accommodate that process. Many perhaps overlooked that for the fact that VirtaCoin had been a well-maintained coin and thus hoped that Virta Unique Coin would prove to be equally successful.

Features of Virta Unique Coin (VUC)

Virta Unique Coin had some promising new features, and it was possible that this coin could have changed aspects of security used in cryptocurrency had it succeeded. It included unique Anti-Theft/Anti-Rob technology which consisted of the ability to reverse transactions. The steps involved in a transaction would remain identical; however, the anti-theft transfer function removed coins from the payer and put them into a hidden wallet and could be returned to the payer after a certain amount of time had passed and the transaction had not been adequately completed.

The development of reversable transactions were largely in result to a ransomware virus that affected Bitcoin. This anti-theft feature was the crux of Virta Unique Coin’s features.

Roadmap for Virta Unique Coin (VUC)

The coin also had developed a rather ambitious roadmap. One possibility was that of a travel portal, which likely would have been a blockchain platform dedicated to travel solutions.

Another goal was to establish VUC Crypto School, which would have been aimed at educating younger generations about the blockchain.

Virta Unique Coin had also projected the idea of a feature-heavy ATM that would be available globally, a project that some other cryptocurrencies are currently attempting to accomplish.

VUC – The Coin

The Virta Unique Coin, VUC, was available on multiple exchanges. It was a hybrid Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Stake coin with 120 second block times and a 120,000,000 coin supply.

Although it was based on an established coin and offered multiple exciting features that may have brought something new to cryptocurrency, Virta Unique Coin did not last. It is hard to tell if its failure was related to lack of interest or if it simply fizzled out as a project, but the website is no longer online and VUC has been removed from the exchanges as of July 2018. With an industry filled with so much innovation, it is not surprising that not all projects are going to claim a wide audience and become successful.


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