What is Vault Coin (VLTC) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Vault Coin is a localized and open-source cryptocurrency which makes transparent and private transactions available.

Payments which are made on this platform are advertised publicly. However, the amount involved in the transaction, the sender, and the recipient of the transaction remain private.

What Exchange Can I Buy or Trade Vault Coin on?

This coin can be sold or purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Livecoin.

How to Buy a Vault Coin (VLTC)

The purchase of a lot of cryptocurrencies with the Dollar is not possible. There are just a few cryptocurrencies that can be purchased with the dollar. Some of them include Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. The above mentioned digital currencies can be purchased with the U.S dollar with the use of Coinbase. As soon as you purchase any of the digital currencies that are supported by the U.S dollar is made, they can be converted to Vault coin at exchanges such as Changelly or Binance.

Where to Get a Vault Coin Wallet

Vault Coin is in charge of the production of its wallet software. This wallet software can be downloaded on its website. Once done, it can be stored conveniently on your PC. To ensure absolute security, your cryptocurrencies can be stored on a hardware wallet like Ledger Nano S, or a TREZOR wallet which will be dedicated just for the storage of your Vault Coin. If you are not interested in making use of a hardware wallet, you can make use of mobile wallets like Coinomi and Jaxx. These mobile wallets can be used in the storage of multiple cryptocurrencies and also come with security advantages.

What is the Value of Vault Coin?

At the moment, a Vault Coin has a value of $0.00 on major-check cryptocurrency exchanges. Also,  one Vault can be exchanged for 0.00000002 Bitcoins on major-check exchanges. Vault Coins in the United Staes have a value of $4.598.00.

What Hashing Algorithm does Vault Coin Use?

Vault coin makes use of the X11 algorithm and is a proof of work coin.

How to Mine Vault Coin

The mining of Vault Coin can be done with the use of a special software for mining. More often than not, XMR Stak is a mining tool that is usually made use of in both CPU and GPU mining. It is compatible with AMD and Nvidia graphics cards. Also, another well-known tool that is made use of in mining is CCMiner. It is used with NVIDIA graphics cards.

What Coins are Similar to Vault Coin

There are quite a number of coins which are known to make use of Vault Coin’s X11 algorithm and proof- of- work proof-kind. Some of them are MarxCoin, PizzaCoin, Artex Coin, Pioneer Coin, Uro, Prime-XI, Startcoin, Onix, Advanced Technology Coin, Adzcoin, DigitalPrice, Polis, Aston, ArcticCoin, Pura.


The vault coin ensures the possibility of transparent private transactions. It is an innovative idea which is worth keeping an eye on.


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