What is VapersCoin (VPRC) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

VapersCoin is a blockchain-based, decentralized platform that takes the world of digital currency and applies it to the vaping industry. Along with a revolutionary device in development that combines smartphone technology with electronic cigarettes, VapersCoin also employs the use of its digital currency, the VPRC token, to enable global transactions. VPRC has been created especially for the worldwide Vapers community.

With blockchain technology and crypto coins, VapersCoin aims to revolutionize the vaping industry by providing the first device that is a vape and a smartphone combined. Called the SmartVaper, the device, which utilizes the Android operating system, allows its users to access the internet, conduct calls, and smoke, all from the same device.

The SmartVaper is currently under development, and is entering its testing stage of prototypes. There are plans to fully introduce the device to the world in the future. The first prototype was introduced in the spring of 2018, and VapersCoin is still building its community. The first development center will open in fall 2018 in Berlin, and come the first half of 2019, the SmartVaper will enter mass production as it is introduced on VapersCoin’s online shop.

The SmartVaper

VapersCoin is producing the world’s first device that combines smartphone and vaping technology. Called the SmartVaper, people can use this device to smoke, and then with the press of a couple buttons, answer a call or use the Internet. It’s the first vaper ever introduced that also contains an Android operating system, and everything that a vaper could need will be able to be held with one hand.

People can use the SmartVaper to conduct calls, go on social media, surf the internet, online shop, and smoke. Each SmartVaper will be equipped with a 4” HD display and main and front cameras. Like all smartphones, they will come with a battery, a charging adapter, a headset, a USB cable, and a user guide.

The Vapers Coin (VPRC)

The Vapers Coin is a cryptocurrency that has been developed with Vapers in mind. VPRC is a distributed online cryptocurrency that is the token that the VapersCoin network uses. Based on a Proof-of-Work algorithm, Scrypt, VPRC can be mined by users and has one minute block targets with 7500 coins per block.

VPRC enables VapersCoin users to send immediate payments to anyone anywhere in the world. There is a hard cap on the supply of the token at 42 billion, and users can find it listed on Cryptopia, YoBit, and CoinCodex. Each SmartVaper will be sold at a price of 5,000 VPRC, and users can obtain the token by either actively mining it or exchanging for it. SmartVapers will be listed on VapersCoin’s website in January 2019; even though users will have to wait until then to buy the device, they can begin obtaining the cryptocurrency needed for it starting today.

Although the SmartVaper is still being created and developed, VPRC is listed on several exchanges and VapersCoin is building its community online as testing begins. Come 2019, the SmartVaper will be introduced to the world with the ultimate goal of establishing 1,000 shops throughout Europe by 2020. Ultimately, VapersCoin aims to utilize cryptocurrency to enact a revolution in the vaping industry, and it’s currently off to a great start.


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