What is Upfiring (UFR) Cryptocurrency Beginner’s Guide 

File sharing has become one of the most frequent activities on the internet. From personal documents to professional data, to movies and music, plenty of file sharing sites have popped up to help people exchange files with one another; however, there are no sharing sites that incentivize users by offering them rewards for their activity. Upfiring is changing that by offering the first incentive-driven file sharing site where users can make money simply by sharing their files with others.

Upfiring (UFR) Features

Upfiring offers the ability to connect and communicate with anyone around the world regardless of language or currency. This will allow for an even broader range of file sharing opportunities and more participants adding to the system and ensuring its growth. The platform hopes to encourage the exchange of many types of files such as large files between university students, artists sharing their original music, and writers wanting to get their work out there. Through the use of Upfiring, users can share freely without concern for size limitations and be rewarded every time they do share files.

For now, Upfiring intends on only supporting the “safest” file types: .doc, .pdf, .wav. It will also support .torrent extensions and magnet links. As time goes on, Upfiring intends to implement more file types. By utilizing a technique called cryptographic hash, files can easily be indexed and identified, facilitating incredibly fast transference and distribution between people.

One of the biggest features of Upfiring will be the incentivization of seeding. Right now, users have no reason to continue seeding after completing the download of a file. This can slow downloads for other users or, in worst case scenarios, cause the file to be completely inaccessible. Upfiring has chosen to tokenize this necessary aspect of file-sharing meaning that files will be more accessible and more easily downloaded across their network.

Upfiring Token – UFR

The native token for Upfiring is UFR. This will be the token that is used in all incentivization scenarios. Users will receive UFR by sharing files and by participating in other network supporting activities such as seeding. Through seeding, users will be rewarded with UFR every time their file is downloaded. UFR will also be used as a reward for users proactively browsing the Upfiring network. There will be other ways to earn UFR such as renting disk space to the network.

UFR is an ERC20 currency. UFR can be earned through the Upfiring platform or purchased through an exchange platform.

File sharing is incredibly common, and the internet fosters a perfect place for people to share their art and ideas with each other through file sharing opportunities. However, there are several problems that plague the ability to file share such as restricted file sizes and lack of incentives, especially when it comes to seeding. Upfiring wants to solve these problems by decentralizing file sharing methods and allowing people all over the world to share files and be rewarded for doing so, better encouraging the exchange of information.


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