What is Universe (UNI) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Universe is a decentralized, blockchain-based platform that supports a cryptocurrency of the same name. The Universe token (UNI) is a coin that is mined using Proof of Stake (PoS) technology; users can mine the coin by holding a small amount in their wallets. The platform depends on the active participation of interested users in order to function as it pursues its goal of impacting the development of the gaming industry. Currently, Universe supports a single, groundbreaking game called Kosmos, which can be played by anyone anywhere in the world, and which utilizes the crypto world and blockchain technology. Universe aims to transfer the internal payments of all games to the UNI cryptocurrency.

The more game projects that are added to the UNI cryptocurrency, the higher the value of the currency will become on crypto exchanges. Universe aims to pull in all gaming projects and unite them onto one currency, making UNI a truly universal token. The goal of all users of Universe is to develop currency turnover in the gaming industry, although there is only one game currently in the process of utilizing transactions with the UNI currency, which is Kosmos.

The creators behind Universe are a team of committed developers and enthusiasts. Their ultimate goal is to make the gaming industry more convenient and accessible for everyone, including the developers themselves. They aim to create a system that both ordinary, casual gamers and experts can access. With the UNI coin, Universe can help with the development of other interesting projects from other programmers, and its mining creates a whole community that supports the existence of the cryptocurrency. The more developers that can get involved with UNI, the more interesting the projects and the higher the value of the currency.

Plans for Universe (UNI)

In July 2017, Universe launched a test of its gaming portal, then tested its wallet for its cryptocurrency later in the fall. There are big plans for 2018 as UNI begins to integrate with popular games within the industry, including Minecraft and World of Warcraft. These popular games will use the UNI tokens internally for trading and purchases. Next year, Universe plans to then take the success of integrating with popular games to focus on its own game, Kosmos, and to improve the game with large-scale work. Ultimately, Kosmos will hopefully become a popular game too as UNI takes over the industry.

The Universe Token (UNI)

UNI is Universe’s internal form of cryptocurrency. The token is mined using a hybrid hashing algorithm, Scrypt, which includes both Proof of Work and Proof of Stake technologies. Confirmation happens every four blocks, and users who mine the coin using PoS receive 8% of all profits that the Universe platform gains, every month. There is a hard cap on the coin at 112 million in total. The coin is what Universe’s developers hope to use to unite gaming all across blockchain technology and to create a completely universal token that can truly be used throughout the industry.

With its established community and the support of other developers, Universe aims to make the gaming industry more accessible for beginners and experts alike, and the platform is an excellent example of all that can be done with blockchain technology and the crypto world.


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