What is UnbreakableCoin (UNB) – Crypto Beginner’s Guide 

There are lots and lots of digital currencies in existence. Also, of all these existing digital currencies, more than 50 are bright cryptocurrencies that are currently enjoying a rapid and definite value increase. As a result of the many digital coins that are rapidly gaining value, it has become quite difficult to keep up with the many digital coins that are worth knowing about.

In the mist of the many valuable digital currencies, we are focussing our attention on Unbreakable coin, a digital currency that has been in existence for not more than 3 years and now has a worth of 80 million coins.

UnbreakableCoin was created and established in 2014. The fact that this coin, being just three years old has made a lot of progress makes it one with very good prospects on the digital coin market. Let’s have a look at the opinions of crypto traders, crypto enthusiasts and the general public about this coin. In addition to these, we will get to know all that should be known about this coin

What is UnbreakableCoin

UnbreakableCoin is a digital currency which was developed in 2014, it was also launched in the same year. This rapidly growing coin was created by Jim Blasko. At the creation of this coin, Jim Blasko had a plan to develop a digital currency that would give him a place in the crypto-coin market. That, however, was not all that he had in mind. He also had a plan to make a coin that would represent its name very easily in every way that was possible. Even though the name of Jim’s coin is “Unbreakable” there are really no coins that will be considered unbreakable. This is because most of the coins that are considered really strong have witnessed crashes a lot of times.

While creating the Unbreakable coin, Blasko was aware of the fact that no coin is really unbreakable. As a result of this, his main aim for naming his coin “Unbreakable” was to develop a community that would be considered unbreakable. His aim was to bring together various people from all walks of life with the same interests. At the moment, the unbreakable coin has a total net worth of 80 million coins. This is possible because it is made use of by the unbreakable community for transactions, as well as auctions. The unbreakable coin might not have the same value as some of the biggest coins in the world. However, the fact that it has a value of 80 million coins and is not as popular as Bitcoin, Etheruem, etc, really is very significant

The “It” Factor for Unbreakable Coin

For a coin to be considered successful, it has to have qualities that distinguish it from every other coin. The Unbreakable coin has one of such qualities and that is why it stands out from the crowd. The “it” factor of the unbreakable coin is its special commercial mining-.

In the last three months, this coin has had an increasing rate of 1000%, this gives a lot of information about how valuable it is. This coin is very stable and therefore will not be phased out anytime soon. The implication of this is; you should hold tight to this coin if you are already in possession of it.


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