What is Truckcoin (TRK) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

For the next five years, there is a growth projection of 7% AGR for the payment processing industry which means that customers and businesses now rely more on offline and online payment processing. It is common for individuals to make purchases on online stores or using credit cards on a daily basis. The only downside to these purchases is that it leaves you as an open target to black-hat hackers.

Cyber-attack is a common occurrence among payment processing firms nowadays. Back in 2016, a DDoS attack hit a lot of companies including PayPal while another attack in 2017 crippled the payment processing system of Chipotle. Identity theft, as well as monetary theft, are other common tools which hackers use in carrying out credit card fraud. Target Corp and Home Depot have been victims of credit card fraud and have lost customers card details to hackers.

How can payment processing be secured?

The cases mentioned above are quite popular considering they have to do with larger companies. Cybersecurity is an area where Payment processing firms have lots of issues. With most of the patches usually coming after there has been a breach in the payment processing firms, it is easy to conclude that they have no chances of winning this war.

So what are the options available to ensure that there are no more user information phishing and hacking? Truckcoin is the solution which GoldenHill International Limited came up with to address this issue. It is a payment processing platform based on the blockchain technology which ensures the protection of user information while also securing all transactions on the platform.

To improve the platform protection, next-gen cryptographic measures are used along with a ledger which is encrypted and also decentralized on Truckcoin. One major difference which is noticeable on the Truckcoin platform in comparison to other blockchain platforms is the use of a ring technology in shuffling public keys on the platform. This makes it impossible to monitor the transactions of a particular user even for members of the community. This method assures users of complete security of payment information. As a cryptocurrency, it is also difficult for any hacker to use brute force in gaining access to funds.

The use of the Proof-of-work architecture on the Truckcoin platform makes it quite similar to the Bitcoin. This system is excellent in making cryptocurrencies which appreciate in value and is widely more successful than the proof-of-stake system.

Becoming a part of the Truckcoin revolution

Truckcoin is already attracting lots of investors to the platform with its unique features. A proof of the success of the cryptocurrency came during the Pre-ICO where all the coins released were sold on the same day of release. The website offers tickets with prices ranging from 20-50 dollars with each ticket providing three truckcoins. Considering there are just 513,333 coins available, it would be wise to get your tickets early. Becoming a part of the first members of the community is sure to reap massive rewards and you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.


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