What is Trezarcoin (TZC) Crypto Beginner’s Guide 

Trezarcoin is a blockchain-based platform that supports a very secure and energy efficient cryptocurrency. Decentralization is key, and the network features and values its focus on its users. There are no central organizations or corporations involved. All power that the network holds is mined by the users through Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS), making Trezarcoin’s coin, TZC, a PoW/PoS coin. TZC can be bought on Cryptopia, Stocks Exchange, and Crypto-Bridge.

One of the most unique features of the Trezarcoin platform is its 0% PoS system, which is meant to increase the security of the blockchain; PoS does not provide a fixed annual percentage return, as many PoS models do. With this system, mature coins in user’s wallets will mine blocks. Users are able to stake with mature coins, meaning coins that have spent at least 24 hours in their wallet, and their wallet is unlocked and open/running. It’s a simple as that.

Trezarcoin combines the best features of both PoS and PoW mining, and its 0% PoS is an advanced implementation of the technology. The network is also unique in that it employs several algorithms, including NeoScrypt and OrbitCoin Super Shield, to achieve enhanced security. With these algorithms, Trezarcoin offers one of the most secure crypto coins out there to users who are interested in the exchange and business of digital currency.

Trezarcoin and NeoScrypt

NeoScrypt is a highly secure algorithm that is memory intensive and powerful. Through NeoScrypt, users are able to meaningfully participate in PoW mining, which helps maintain the decentralization of the coin and its network.  

NeoScrypt is a further development and can be considered an updated version of Scrypt, an existing security protocol. NeoScrypt aims to improve on Scrypt and provide increased security and improved performance. It aids general purpose computer hardware and maintains costs and requirements.

OrbitCoin Super Shield

OrbitCoin Super Shield is a tool that allows Trezarcoin to add yet another unique security layer to the network, by combining PoW with PoS. The network utilizes a combination of 2/3 PoW blocks and 1/3 PoS when it comes to mining TZC. OrbitCoin Super Shield uses various inputs to retarget the difficulty of PoW and PoS, and retargets every block that is mined.

The idea behind OrbitCoin Super Shield is to protect the Trezarcoin network from multipool mining, which makes mining more difficult and can create hardship for everyone involved. OrbitCoin regulates the difficulty, and ensures that the mining stays on an easier level throughout the network.

With its hybrid Proof of Stake and Proof of Work system, as well as its 0%PoS and dependence on algorithms for security, Trezarcoin offers users a unique and completely new way of mining cryptocurrency. While many cryptocurrencies value decentralization and security, Trezarcoin takes it a step further and ensures that the difficulty of mining its coin, TZC, will not increase, and that any user can meaningfully participate. With algorithms that guarantee this, Trezarcoin has set up a network that truly cares about its users, and offers a unique way to become involved in digital coins.


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