What is Transcodium (TNS) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Media storage and distribution has become more and more of a priority for people as businesses and individuals move towards digital files and information. Unfortunately, there is still not a lot of options when it comes to the transcoding and distribution of data across different mediums, and issues like cost, file size, and outages can prove to be huge barriers. Transcodium is a decentralized platform built on the blockchain that offers an affordable and efficient way to store, transcode, and transmit data across platforms.

Transcoding Explained

Streaming services like Netflix or YouTube rely on transcoding technology to make sure that their files can be played correctly on various phones, tablets, and computers. Files are automatically converted to various file formats before being added to the service’s library. The cloud is a huge factor in the transcoding process and, unfortunately, can get backed up with multiple files which can result in ridiculous waiting times and very expensive fees. Relying on a centralized data storage system like the cloud also runs the risk of data loss due to outages.

Transcodium intends on solving all of these problems by decentralizing the transcoding process completely. Decentralization by its very nature will offer an unlimited supply of processing power which will support huge transcoding requests and avoid any backups in the system. This will also help keep costs down, allowing users to avoid expensive processing fees.

Features of Transcodium

On top of encouraging faster and cheaper processing times, Transcodium will also offer a complete platform to assist in the management and editing of media files. The platform will offer an editing studio that will facilitate complex editing for both the video and source files, as well as the ability to export files to hard drives, portable drives, and other storage options. It will also offer the option to share media files to various social networks such as Facebook or Instagram.


The Transcodium currency, TNS, will serve as tokens which users will receive after processing is complete. These tokens can then be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or sold to customers who wish to utilize them within the platform.

The Company

Transcodium is one of the many platforms that this team has developed, and it will serve to fill a niche that has not really been addressed with the blockchain. The company behind it has been very transparent in order to illustrate that it is a trustworthy program, which is essential when it comes to trusting a platform with file sharing. The team behind it has also launched a number of successful platforms in the past, which offers legitimacy towards the performance of Transcodium.

Especially with the growing reliance on digital media and file transcoding, centralized storage options like the cloud will continue to struggle under the demand, resulting in high costs and slow processing speeds. By utilizing the blockchain, Transcodium will be able to circumvent these problems and help companies and individuals keep up with the demands of file sharing.


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