What is Tokia (TKA) Crypto Beginner’s Guide 

To truly embrace the benefits that cryptocurrency offers, it is important to have the right tools to understand the economics. Cryptocurrency breaks away from traditional economics and TOKIA intends on providing a business model that will remain sustainable and viable. To do so, they are determined to create and offer tools that both maintain the parts of the system that work and improve on the parts that don’t.

Traditional Markets

There are a lot of problems that come with the way traditional markets function; because of how regulated and complicated they can be, they can also often be resistant to new technology. The larger companies have no incentive to adopt newer technologies. This resistance means that technology that is more effective can be completely overlooked or take years to be implemented.

A large factor in this is the fact that the users’ best interests is not considered in these decisions. Financial institutions only care about their own losses and gains, and do not prioritize anything that would improve the lives of their customers. It is the users who suffer from an institution’s refusal to evolve; services become incredibly expensive for customers and complications in the system make it difficult for there to be any new competition entering the market, which lowers options offered to customers.

Tokia (TKA) Features

TOKIA tends to address these problems by bringing all the flexibility of the traditional banking system to the blockchain. It will offer a way to spend cryptocurrency in the real world without complex exchanges while still embracing the technological advances traditional institutions resist allowing for faster and more secure banking transactions. The TOKIA model will offer this capability through three products: a cryptocurrency exchange, a wallet, and a debit card.

The exchange platform will offer the ability to exchange between fiat and crypto currencies as well as between cryptos. For TOKIA token holders, a certain number of transactions based on their holdings will be available fee-free every month.

TOKIA’s wallet will require Two-Factor authentication and offer off-line crypto storage. The wallet is intended to be easy to use and accessible for those who are not familiar with cryptocurrencies.

The debit card makes it simple to spend any type of cryptocurrency anywhere. The crypto in a user’s wallet will be automatically transferred to the necessary fiat currency, making spending crypto in the real world easier than it’s ever been.

Tokia Token – TKA

The TOKIA token, TKA, will offer privileges to holders. Those who purchased TKA during the ICO will be prioritized in receiving a debit card and, depending on the amount purchased, may qualify for free delivery of cards, fee free exchanges, and other perks.

TOKIA will also offer a loyalty program for users who hold onto their TKA.

The future of economics is changing quickly thanks to the embrace of decentralization, but traditional banking institutions are not making the effort to keep up. TOKIA intends on offering a financial alternative that will both embrace changing technology and benefit the customers.


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