What is Tokenbox (TBX) Cryptocurrency Beginner’s Guide

Tokenbox is an ecosystem that provides a service for cryptocurrency assets. The platform was created by the team that also developed The Token Fund, which was one of the first successful crypto funds in the world. Tokenbox itself is not an exchange; instead, it is a platform for investors to interact with Funds and Traders and make choices to buy or keep tokens on the platform and receive revenue.

A Trader is a person who makes independent decisions and trading strategies on the market. In this situation, these Traders deal with digital coins, or cryptocurrencies. Funds are investments in those coins.

With Tokenbox, users can create and manage their crypto funds in a legal and secure manner, and they can also invest in crypto funds and keep track of their assets by being able to access all of them in one place. Valuable assets are being accessed all across blockchain technology, and Tokenbox aims to be a service for those crypto assets by being a crypto-asset platform.

Tokenbox Funds

A “Fund” indicates an investment fund that specializes in cryptocurrencies and tokens; Funds take place entirely in the digital world. Each trader receives a ready-made “box” solution for the creation of their own tokenized fund that operates within a legal framework. Investors can choose between different funds, which have differing ratios of risk and return.

Each Fund will be able to create its own token, and that token will be the equivalent of one share in the Fund. Ethereum-based smart contracts handle the process of issuing and redeeming these tokens, and the cost of a token depends on the growth of the Fund portfolio. Investor’s funds are stored in a closed loop with digital wallets, and safety is guaranteed with separate storage for the private keys that access those wallets.

The Tokenbox Token (TBX)

TBX is Tokenbox’s utility token that provides access to the platform’s services. A fund manager or Trader who wants to operate their own Fund on the platform acquires TBX, then deposits them on the Tokenbox platform. They can then place the TBX into their Fund’s portfolio. The established price of TBX is valued at 1TBX= 1 USD.

The process of token generation is organized through smart contracts on the Ethereum platform. These contracts ensure that the tokens are legally created, and that every obligation is completely fulfilled. TBX is an ERC20 token, and in total 31 million tokens will be released.

So far, Tokenbox has proven to be a very successful platform, with annual profits at 1000%. Any interested user who is looking for a place to safely store their crypto assets doesn’t need to go any further than Toxenbox; whether they are traders or have funds, the platform helps them tokenize their portfolios. On top of providing a safe and secure means for crypto funds, Tokenbox also introduces an entire legal framework that ensures user security as well as Tokenbox’s success. As time goes on and Tokenbox continues to grow its profit, it is a viable solution for anyone who is looking to secure their crypto assets.


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