What is Tattoocoin-Standard Edition (TSE)?

Tattoocoin is a decentralized, blockchain-based cryptocurrency that was developed by and created for tattoo enthusiasts. Tattoocoin is currently working toward partnerships with tattoo shops, tattoo parlors, and other merchants. In this way, Tattoocoin aims to take the world of altcoin and digital finances, and apply it to real life and give the cryptocurrency real-world uses. This is a noble and herculean task that helps with the overall goal of mainstream recognition and acceptance of all cryptocurrencies.

Tattoocoin is also extremely unique in that it is also the first cryptocurrency ever to operate on a twin chain. The Tattoocoin platform runs two separate coins: The Tattoocoin-Standard Edition, and the Tattoo-Limited Edition.

In wallets that hold the original standard edition, the platform has incorporated a second “main” chain into the wallets. Both chains are able to run simultaneously together in a side-by-side configuration; this is possible by running the same wallet twice, then selecting which chain the user wishes to be active. Or, users can operate one chain at a time. However, both coins are held within the same wallet- a new and unique feat. Despite the fact that both chains can operate at the same time, they do not have to interface with each other, and they each have unique genesis blocks and Merkel roots.

Both chains can stake and mine at the same time; one chain won’t interfere with the other’s ability to mine or stake blocks. This is an impressive feat that hasn’t been achieved by any other cryptocurrency, including Litecoin or Bitcoin, the two cryptocurrencies that Tattoocoin is based upon and inspired by. The developers of Tattoocoin had a goal to bring all tattoo lovers all around the world together with a decentralized peer-to-peer network and twin digital coins. Both the standard edition and the limited edition of Tattoocoin are helping its developers accomplish just that.

Features of Tattoocoin Standard Edition

Both Tattoocoins operate on a Proof of Stake (PoS) protocol using the Scrypt hash algorithm; users mine the coins by holding them in their wallets. Both also come with secure and fast transactions that incur small fees. All transactions are traceable through the blockchain, and anyone can verify them. With either the Standard Edition or the Limited Edition, users are enabled to send payment instantly to anyone in the world.

The TSE coin has a total coin supply of 273 million, and takes two blocks for transaction confirmations. TSE is listed on several popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

Features of Tattoocoin Limited Edition

The TLE coin is lighter than its twin, being newer. It also has blocks that generate with higher spacing; in a sense, it’s even faster than TSE, and has five blocks for each transaction confirmation. TLE is also listed on cryptocurrency exchanges, and its total coin supply has a hard cap at just 1 million.

Not only does Tattoocoin provide a cryptocurrency for tattoo lovers all around the world, but for the first time, crypto users can experience two coins that run on the same Dual Chain or Twin Chain wallet. Both TSE and TLE operate simultaneously and independently. Tattoocoin is a platform that is a high example of all that can be done with cryptocurrency.


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