What is Tao (XTO) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Tao makes actual antidotes available to challenges that are usually encountered in the music sector through the use of Blockchain technology. It goes beyond mere hypes and empty promises.

At the inception of the idea on which the Tao Blockchain depends in 2014, the goals of this platform were hostile but straightforward: build a rights management antidote ideal for everyday application by amateurs and professionals. The Tao Network scheme became a reality in 2016 and it built a collaboration with Boogie Shack Music Group.

Tao Master Node

Absolute Access Tao will carry out major nodes in 2018 with a low operational need of 100,000XTO. This “100K Club” will get unending rewards from the network. However, that is not all, it will also entitle workers to exclusive access through the AltMarket ecosystem. Included in this are ˖Backstage passes˖ Exclusive events˖ and promotions-Hanging out with the celebrities. As a result of the network economics, this club can only accommodate 320 members at a time. This ensures that top-notch experiences are enjoyed by loyal fans of this network. According to the founder of Tao Network, Bryce Weiner, the experience obtained at the 100k club can be compared to that associated with the Playboy lifestyle.

Tao (XTO) – Serving the Whole Market

The Tao Network is free from crime, this, therefore, allows it to be ideal for use by people that are less than the age of 18 and would normally not be allowed to enjoy services offered by banks. At the moment, exceptional mobile promotions and wallets are being developed and will give room for people that are under the age of 18 to be a part of crypto-economy and also support their favorite artists at the same time. This special economic structure makes it possible for some of the most vulnerable people in the society to safely take part in cryptocurrency related activities. Even in the absence of taking parts in trades, an extra method of participation is made available for minors through the 45 yearly returns for taking part in network agreement.

XTO Markets

Although Bitcoin, as well as US dollar trading set will be given, there will be AML/KYC restrictions. This means the swap of Artist Tokens in opposition to an XTO trading set will be enabled by AltMarket. This occurrence makes unhindered access for minors available, it also simultaneously provides major arbitrage chances. This makes available the extra merits of giving XTO prompt adopters a major advantage in which artist benefits the ultimate market sustenance. This design makes it possible for holders of XTO to become the future generation of music administrators.

In regular monetary markets, the discovery of price is as a result of primary demand and supply factors that are market-related. Lots of metrics from the music sector that are made use of in the creation of compound scores which are known as the fame demand and Fame Potential are offered by the IAO system. These metrics make it possible for a glimpse of the artist’s capability to legitimatize their media franchise by regular means, as a result of dispensing some conditions for the request of a collectible token representing the artist.


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