What is STRAKS (STAK) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Simply defined, STRAKS is a form of digital currency that is primarily based on a version of Bitcoin that is referred to as version 0.14.2; this particular form of digital currency has an ultimate goal of reducing, if not eliminating altogether, the amount of unwanted transactions that occur on various platforms and networks. STRAKS also seeks to solve the problem of constraints in terms of capacity that sometimes occur with peer groups (i.e. Bitcoin); STRAKS is unique in that it able to support transactions that are low-cost, in addition to have the capability to provide payments that are instantaneous across numerous blockchains.

Why Is STRAKS an Asset?

STRAKS will be a major asset to anyone who takes an interest for several reasons:

• Level of Privacy: the STRAKS network has the privacy of both their investors and partners in the forefront of their mind and mission. Every single transaction that occurs within the STRAKS network is 100% anonymous and completely untraceable

• 100% Self-Funded: another unique aspect to STRAKS is their goal to be completely self-funded by having some of the lowest PoW fees that are currently on the market

Speed of Transactions: the STRAKS network ensures that it will provide transactions speeds of an optimal level for users, guaranteeing the sending and receiving instantly

• Utilization of E-Commerce: with STRAKS being decentralized, users are able to effectively integrate the network in a way that works in tandem with e-commerce. Considering that the industry of e-commerce has been growing over recent years, at an incredibly fast pace (expecting to a hit a cap of over 4 trillion dollars), this is certainly a benefit to all users

• “Atomic Swap”: this particular aspect allows for a greater level of exchange (i.e. flexibility), which is a plus considering all of the new digital currencies that are arriving on the market

Additional Benefits of STRAKS:

• Transactions fees that are incredibly low

• Speedy transaction times

• Ability to increase the awareness and recognition of your brand

• Integration that is 100% free

Projected STRAKS Products

There are several products that the developers of STRAKS are planning to launch throughout the remainder of 2018, which include:

• STRAKS Wallet

• STRAKS Market


• STRAKS Data Network

The Future of STRAKS

The primary function of all forms of currency is utilization, no matter what exact form it takes; ultimately the developers of STRAKS wants this network to be the “go-to” choice when it comes to digital currency, especially in the realm of e-commerce, as we mentioned above. The vision of STRAKS is rapidly taking hold on a global level and this focus will undoubtedly take the STRAKS network to the next level of digital currency. Once this goal is accomplished, STRAKS will undoubtedly be the ideal selection for both large and small businesses all over the world, as well as those who may be new to the world of digital currency, the STRAKS network is so seamless to navigate that even beginners can greatly benefit from what this particular currency has to offer.


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