What is StarCredits (STRC) Cryptocurrency Beginner’s Guide

Cryptocurrency has become an industry where possibilities are literally endless. From the usual crowdfunding tokens, utility market, global payment altcoins to some of the most bizarre uses such as adult entertainment platforms, cryptocurrency casinos, and even video game plots.

Video game plots with cryptocurrency? Imagine being able to fully immerse yourself into a game world where you can take part in the actual storyline as yourself. The only thing you need would be a few digital tokens to continue the journey. While this isn’t something that an investor would be interested in, it does open doors to how the video game industry can advance into cryptocurrency.

People would no longer need an expensive gaming system, gadgets, game chips, or other gaming related additions. All they would need is a plot they want to buy, pay into it, and enjoy the ride as they go through their own version of the digital world.

There are many computer games that offer a similar idea. The Elder Scrolls, Fallout series, The Sims series, World of Warcraft, Destiny, and other various MMORPGs (Multiplayer online role-playing games) all can give you a taste. But it just isn’t the same as fully taking part in a game world as yourself.

The other drawback of these computer games is the sheer amount of cheating, hacking, bullying, and other problems that tie into the games online platforms. This ends up taking all the fun and relaxation out of playing video games. Not to mention the amount of disappointment one may face when the game is sold half finished or requires constant updates and bug fixes.

So what can people do? How can they buy into a game that offers a fun storyline, consistent gaming opportunities without all the drawbacks of video games and computer games?

StarCredits: Cryptocurrency Meets Storytelling, Games, and Graphic Futuristic Novels

Starcredits is more than just a cryptocurrency. The original idea of SagaCredits is for users to take part in a digital game world as themselves. The platform was developed by three gentlemen who are well-known writers/filmmakers/producers. They wanted a platform that would allow their fans to take part in their interesting take on the futuristic apocalyptic trend of human chipping.

The platform offers users an animated web series, a graphic novel, and an interactive experience involving the storyline. The games hope to provide a unique and individualize experience for all who buy into the game.

How Does StarCredits Work?

All who wish to participate in the game can do so using the StarCredit tokens. The tokens are primarily used for interacting with the story through the Ethereum blockchain network. The game platform itself operates with multi-platform compatibility ensuring anyone and everyone can take part playing the game.

How the tokens help users interact with the story is by allowing them to vote for various scenarios and outcomes, collect in-game content, unlock puzzles and other bonus features, and more. Basically, this literally gives more power to the player while keeping with the story to some extent.

Final Thoughts on StarCredits

This is definitely a cryptocurrency plot that is worth sinking your teeth into. For any gamer looking for another conquest, StarCredits might just be your cryptocurrency solution. It definitely isn’t something a cryptocurrency investor would be interested in unless they are looking for a little bit of escapism along the way to their next cryptocurrency conquest.


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