What Is Starbase (STAR) Crypto Beginner’s Guide 

Are you in search of a recent crypto to begin trading and earning cash online? Starbase is a recent digital currency which dispenses digital tokens to aid individuals fund their personal finances, businesses and a host of others.

According to the site, they are making use of blockchain technology to develop tokens. These tokens can be purchased and traded via the Starbase platform for a host of reasons. As a startup organization that requires funding, Starbase tokens can aid you in attaining the funding you require for your idea.

What exactly Is Starbase?

As stated by Who.is, this website was registered on the 26th of September 2016 and was updated on the 23rd of February 2017. On the website, you will find a host of individuals who have a hand with Starbase.  

The initial name to pop up is Tomoaki Sato. He is recorded as the Blockchain engineer and Founder. The CTO is listed as Yu Yamanaka and he can be found on a host of social media websites.

Products Of Starbase

Starbase does not provide any retail products or services. The only thing that can be done by an affiliate is membership promotion.

Opportunities Offered by Starbase

This website functions like any other crypto. All that you are required to do is to invest your funds into their organization and buy Tokens. These can be utilized in sponsoring other members who require funding. You can equally save them and attain interests during the quarter. As stated by the website, affiliates who possess tokens are offered a quarterly reward.

It is stated on the website that you can attain a bonus of 20 percent from crowdsale from the 1st-7th day. If you keep your tokens for 8days – 21ddays, you would have the possibility of attaining a bonus of 15 percent. If you keep the tokens for over 22 days to 35 days, you can earn a bonus of 10 percent. You will be able to get a 5 percent bonus if you keep tokens for 36 – 42 days.

Starbase Conclusion

Starbase is just like other sites for crowdsourcing. You begin by investing funds to attain digital currency. From then you can either safeguard you coins or tokens to attain an ROI or utilize them like cash with the goal of funding other individuals.

The website is not entirely straightforward with no specific direction for what is happening. But in terms of transparency as regards who operates the website that is not hidden.

Although the website does provide methods to earn cash, it is not easy to keep with. Presently, the site is not old enough to determine if members are being paid out. This is because they pay just quarterly.

If you wish to sign up, you may need to make your findings and see the listed projects. Presently, there may not be adequate investors for anything to occur. It’s best to hold on and see what step they take before making a final choice as regards investment.


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