What is SpeedCash (SCS) – Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Speedcash is a localized and open-source digital currency. It is known for making both transparent and private transaction available to its users.

Payments that get made on Speedcash are advertised on a general Blockchain. However, the amount that is involved in the transaction, as well as the recipient and sender of the amount that is involved are kept private.

Technology of SpeedCash (SCS)

The Speedcash network was re-inaugurated in January. Since its relaunch, a couple of improved versions of this cryptocurrency have been released by developers. These upgraded versions addressed issues, bugs, and the observation of investors. The regular development that characterizes Speedcash is a sign that it is going to be a very successful cryptocurrency. That is not all, intuition from all individuals are considered.

An example of this occurrence is; a couple of individuals wanted some features more promptly and there was a plan to make this happen. To make this happen, the developers that work with Speedcash augment their roadmap and give to the investors what they asked for.

Let us take a look at some of the functionalities of Speedcash

  • Localized banner network on the Scash network
  • Payment Gateway-
  • Vault technology to story document originality over blockchain
  • Extremely fast transactions that can be confirmed in about 30 seconds

Features of SCS

At the moment, there are over a thousand cryptocurrencies in existence. This, therefore, makes it necessary for Speedcash to standout if it must be successful. So, how does Speedcash standout?

There are quite a number of ways in which Speedcash stands out. Let us get to find out some of them

Rapid Transactions of Speedcash

The transactions that are carried out on Speedcash are known to occur very rapidly. As a matter of fact, these transactions are 80 times more rapid than transactions that are carried out on Bitcoin. All things being equal, transactions that are carried out in the Speedcash network are confirmed within 20-30 seconds.

Very Small Coin Supply

There are about 476,918 coins in total until the end of PoW. Bitcoin is 40 times bigger than this. As a result of this, Speedcash is unique

Hybrid Network

The network that is made use of by Speedcash is a hybrid network. This network combines PoS, as well as PoW technologies. As a result of this, users of Speedcash can enjoy the good sides of both PoS and PoW.

Burst Feature

With the availability of Burst, brief speedups can be achieved on the Speedcash network for an influential stakeholder free of charge. At the moment, the best confirmation record time burst is close to 2.5 seconds

Localized Services

The Speedcash network makes available an inbuilt set of localized services which go a long way in making the incorporation with side chain projects faster and easier.

Holders Reward

Every one that is in possession of Speedcash coins will get a reward of 8% annually

Vault Feature

The presence of VAULT technology gives users the freedom to confirm the authenticity of a document without having to disclose the document info.

Web Widget

This cryptocurrency comes with its own Web Widget

Upcoming Features

Speedcash is looking to introduce other features. Some of them are;

  • Smartphone wallet
  • Private messenger
  • Security improvements
  • Advertisement network


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