What is Sharpe Platform Token (SHP) Cryptocurrency Beginner’s Guide

Sharpe Platform Token (SHP) is the digital currency of the Sharpe Capital Investment Platform. This platform harnesses users’ sentiments and considers how their outlook affects the economy. Consistently accurate users have high reputation scores; they earn large payouts for their insights. A lot of sentiments are gathered through crowdsourcing. This data is sold to hedge funds and institutional participants. They have access after they pay an usage fee in SHP tokens. The service fee and level of confidence are calculated through a proof-of-stake metric.

This platform is also a decentralized trade ledger. All previous trades are visible. It is managed by a community of SHP token holders.

This platform made advances in several areas of blockchain technology including smart contracts, machine learning, quantitative trading, artificial intelligence, and linguistic analysis.

A new gold standard for hedge funds is being developed by Sharpe Capital Investment. There are several advantages including continuous liquidity, anti-corruption protection, and international access.

SHP Token Holder Rights and Privileges

The governing body makes decisions on several matters. SHP token holders have the right to vote on issues and the direction of the platform. SHP holders can earn ETH service fees proportional to the amount of SHP held. SHP holders vote on several issues including:

  • Creation of new funds
  • The development of new products
  • Changes to service fees
  • Capital allocation
  • SHP is distributed to three Ethereum address:
  • Contributor address
  • Trustee smart contract address
  • Sharpe multisig smart contract address

Sentiment Gathering

The crowdsourcing procedure involves gathering real-time sentiment from SHP owners. Several types of mechanisms are used including a proof-of-stake, proof-of-work, and proof-of-reputation. This is the sentiment platform. It provides an additional source of revenue. The sentiment data will be sold to hedge funds. 40% of profits will be allocated to a reserve account. From this account, service fees will be paid on a quarterly basis. 20% is reserved in ETH and 20% is reserved in USD(T). The other 60% of profits from sentiment data sales will be used for the improvement and growth of Sharpe Capital.

There’s a mobile and web platform for sentiment gathering. SHP holders can reveal their feelings for a number of assets. For every correct sentiment indication, users are paid service fees in ETH cryptocurrency. This is done automatically with smart contracts.

SHP Trading Information

The SHP token pre-sale was held on November 6, 2017. The SHP token crowdsale was held November 13, 2017. The maximum amount raised was capped at $20 million worth of ETH.

SHP is traded on several cryptocurrency exchanges including IDEX, Qryptos, and DDEX. It is paired with ETH tokens. SHP has a market capitalization of roughly $2.3 million. Daily trading volume exceeds $3,400. The circulating supply is 17,180,144 SHP. The total supply is 32,000,000 SHP.

Permanent Recording

One of the main attractions of the Sharpe Capital Investment Platform is its concrete record. The distribution of service fees to SHP holders is permanent. Trades are recorded in real-time on the Ethereum blockchain.


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