What is Rubix – The Social Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency is nothing new as the race for earning bitcoin and other digital currencies has brought on controversy, as well as helped to make smart investors very wealthy. But what’s more important is how they exchange their currency, which is what people at other sites like Coinbase, and other cryptocurrency exchange platforms have discovered. When not done properly, it can cause all sorts of legality issues, as well as take a long time for exchange to actually occur. In comes Rubix to the rescue – The Social Cryptocurrency exchange. What is that you ask? Is it a cube? Well, we’ll explain in this post.


Cryptocurrency, if it is new to you (while there have been more and more news and media outlets starting to cover things like Bitcoin, Etherium, Dash, and Monero – the most common forms of cryptocurrency), is a digital currency that is built for secure transactions that can actually be converted to monetary value. Depending on your country, you can actually mine, sell, buy, and trade cryptocurrency for cash value, or other currencies, much like a stock market in itself. However unlike the standard American stock market, many of these currencies aren’t regulated to this day by any form of government regulations.

How is that safe? Well, you get special coded “wallets” that hold your cryptocurrency token codes and can be stored on just about anything, from personal computers, all the way down to thumb drives. Because of this, cryptocurrencies can be a lot safer in terms of the stock market, because you can literally make it privately secure in your own hands, and choose when to trade it at the right time.

Not only this, but many options are available when it comes to being able to make purchases, and many online websites are starting to catch onto the trend, making it even easier to make purchases using cryptocurrency instead of actual cash itself.

Rubix – Social Media Exchanging for Smart and Fast Transactions

The biggest complaint when it comes to exchanging cryptocurrency is the method of transferring or exchanging it takes a long time sometimes, and at the same time, you’re limited to only using exchange on non-major or private platforms (like the above mentioned, or using things like Nicehash, and other crypto “stock” exchanges). Sometimes an exchange can take weeks, and this is not something you want to do when it comes to purchasing any kind of cryptocurrency, as it also delays the conversion to actual cash that you can receive for trading.

What Rubix Does

By integrating social media, you can actually share cryptocurrency directly with your friends and loved ones, rather than have to have them on some private platform that can actually be more vulnerable to attack as well. This helps to keep your transactions social, yet secure. Not only that, but the code for the Rubix transference is built to be very fast, so that way you get trades extremely fast (not quite instant, but a lot sooner than other exchanges).

Is Rubix Secure?

Rubix is designed to be more secure when it comes to trading on a special level. One would think that if you were able to share your cryptocurrency on a public platform like this, that you’d be more vulnerable. With Rubix, your actions are the only thing that would make you vulnerable to an attack or theft of your cryptocurrency, as the wallet you receive is extremely secure, and is built to make it so that only those that you share it with can access anything as long as you allow the transition.

What Blockchains are Supported?

Rubix is going to support numerous types of cryptocurrency to be allowed for trade for USD (U.S. Dollar for those who don’t know). Why USD? Because the conversion rate is excellent when it comes to that, and the site is formatted primarily in America. As a matter of fact, Rubix itself is there to provide a safer and more social alternative directive towards American trading. It’s normally really hard to trade cryptocurrency on many other platforms, because the U.S. or the website itself doesn’t allow trading in the United States (this is why many people who are mining and purchasing/trading cryptocurrency with others have to use proxies and VPN’s in order to appear to be buying/selling from another country). Not only is this more of a pain, but it can actually cause a lot of problems when it comes to keeping things yourself, and getting your cash value. Here are some currencies that are supported with the Rubix Social Exchange and be able to exchange for each other, or for USD (U.S. Dollars):

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Etherium (ETH
  • Neo (NEO)
  • Dash (DASH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Stellar (XLM)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • EOS (EOS)

How Secure is Rubix Going to Be?

Rubix will ensure that they maintain every user’s privacy, and financial security on their website. While like many other cryptocurrency exchanges out there, they may not be liable for your own actions, they’re doing everything they can in order for your information and even all of your cryptocurrency to be safe and secure, as well as private. It will only be for those you share it with in a peer-to-peer platform based on what you actually want to give to the desired individuals. Not only that, you’ll be able to integrate your system into social media giants like Facebook so you can buy/sell/convert your cryptocurrency for numerous things that social media has to offer.

So I can Buy Ads with Cryptocurrency?

Well, that is another goal in a nutshell. Having the freedom to use your cryptocurrency on a social media platform, that is. A year ago, when the Bitcoin market crashed in 2018, there was a wave of a somewhat “regulated” cryptocurrency chain added to the U.S. stock market. While it was secure, there was a new platform that became popular for a short time, and they called it Robinhood.

However, doesn’t that just sound shady? I mean – Robinhood robbed currency from the rich and gave to the poor). Why would you want to name your crypto-exchange after a thief? Not only that, but much to everyone’s surprise, there were numerous possible data breaches, as well as tons of issues and limitations people still had. That is all aimed to be eliminated when it comes to America’s best social exchange. Rubix cubes are ever changing and evolving. Not only that, they’re always very secure, and always encrypted well. This is why Rubix is aiming to do the same thing for you.

To find out more information please visit https://rubix.io.


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