What is QVolta (QVT) – Crypto Beginner’s Guide

There has been great progress among various decentralized and peer-to-peer exchange platforms according to announcements coming from the platforms within the last few months. With a lot of centralized platforms still running the bulk of cryptocurrency trading, the development of these decentralized platforms is a great relief. Another p2p exchange platform which launched recently is QVolta. With cryptocurrency and fiat as the main focus of the platform, it is very likely that it will function as one of LocalBitcoins competitor.

P2P Trading on QVolta

Centralized exchanges remain the most popular platforms for cryptocurrency trading regardless of strict regulatory measures which they put in place. Although people work mainly with decentralized cryptocurrency, there has been very little concern about developing decentralized or P2P exchange solutions. This is one issue that needs to be addressed to promote the use of cryptocurrency.

A number of projects are currently promoting P2P trading including the QVolta platform. One of the main objectives of the QVolta platform is to serve as a serious competitor to LoclBitcoins. A significant difference between the two platforms is the availability of other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum on the QVolta platform as opposed to the LocalBitcoin platform which focuses solely on Bitcoins. This is an excellent development for the P2P exchange platform.

More individuals will be able to gain access to Ethereum and Bitcoins through the platform which will be providing local payment options in exchange for buying and selling of cryptocurrency. There are a few P2P exchanges already available and QVolta hopes to provide users with more flexibility and functionality. One of the major problems common to most centralized exchanges is the difficulty that users experience anytime they wish to convert cryptocurrency to cash, and cash to cryptocurrency.

Getting the QVolta platform running required funding from various sources to ensure the project functioned effectively. One of the means which the platform used in getting these funds is an Initial Coin Offering. The platform hoped to realize about 18,000 ETH from this venture by creating 18 million tokens for the crowdsale event.

The platform also aims at providing users with a mobile application for users to easily access its features and functions. This is in addition to the desktop version which is already available for use to anyone visiting the platform. The desktop client was made available before the ICO which was a sign that the team of developers was willing to let users try out what they would be buying into during the crowdsale.

There are a lot of positive features which this platform will be able to provide in the future and users can only wait to see what is to come. With a lot of new users coming into the market, there are lots of opportunities for the growth of the QVolta platform. Another area where users are closely watching the platform is its ability to provide improvements on features already available on other P2P solutions to see if it can become a great competitor on the market. As a decentralized trading platform, QVolta is an excellent addition to the cryptocurrency community.


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