What Is Pylon Network (PYLNT) Crypto Beginner’s Guide 

Pylon Network is a network based on the blockchain, run by renewable energy. The aim of the platform is to establish an ecosystem run by renewable energy.

According to the developers, Pylon Network is designed with only one aim, and this is to establish the initial open community for renewable energy exchange which will offer the energy markets with the financial incentives and signals that present government systems and energy policies are unable to offer or wasting precious time providing.

Pylon Network users can trade green energy. The green energy is directly bought from the RES producer without the requirements for an intermediary. A digital currency known as the Pylon coins is at the middle of this ecosystem. Basically, the marketplace is structured to provide rewards for the creation of sustainable energy and providing support financially for projects constructed using sustainable technologies.  

Pylon Network is created by a group of clean energy specialists who are located across Europe, consisting of offices in Denmark and Spain

How Does Pylon Network Function?

Pylon Network is a platform which is decentralized and encourages decentralized energy technologies. The Pylon Network operation is centered on blockchain technology which provides the room for the establishment of data management and trust mechanisms at a decentralized level.

The Pylon Network blockchain utilizes a smart meter based on blockchain known as Klenergy Metron. This meter helps in powering the network and also aids in validating all currency and energy transactions in the platform. Via this mechanism, Pylon Network can attain two important objectives:

  • Provide rewards for the establishment of a green energy
  • Link players who are grid-connected with Independent RES2 installations

Klenergy Metron is one of the numerous third party services and products embedded in the Pylon Network. The platform also depends on decentralized apps, Helios as well as green mining platforms.

Features of Pylon Network

The Pylon Network depends on a few third party services and products that are embedded into the platform or will be done later on. Below are some of the platform’s major features.

They include:


Metron is a plug and play system for energy monitoring based on blockchain created to offer useful insights to users pertaining to their consumption of energy. The smart meter also provides energy training, aiding customers to become smarter and efficient with their energy utilization. Metrons are utilized as nodes for verification in the Pylon Network for the direct exchange of energy as well as payments.


This is the flagship product of the Pylon Network. It is hydrogen. A CHP3 solution for storage that creates hydrogen utilizing reactions of electrolysis without releasing any form of pollutants. The system of Helios can be utilized in storing surplus electricity.

Decentralized Apps

The decentralized apps of Pylon Network depend on the decentralized governance model of the platform. They also make use of smart contracts for the payments of energy and can be merged with numerous energy consumption data. This information can be accessed via a clean energy dashboard via your computer or smartphone.


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