What is Publica (PBL) Crypto Beginner’s Guide 

The aim of Publica is to develop a blockchain uprising for the publishing sector. Read on to learn just how Publica aims to do this.

What is Publica?

Publica is a blockchain platform based on ethereum that functions as a combination between a digital wallet and an e-reader application. The aim is to utilize blockchain technology to make changes to the way books are discovered, published, read and marketed.

Publica is planning to work alongside Ethereum as well as other main regulatory organizations to spread the blockchain into the publishing world. Publica also aims to aid blockchain in the publishing of derivatives like games, merchandise, movie scripts, and periodicals, all of which come alongside the needed legal frameworks.  

How Does Publica Function?

Publica utilizes the Ethereum blockchain in playing three major roles on the platform which consist of three kinds of tokens known as PBL, READ as well as RIGHTS.

When a book attains funding either via crowd sales or other means, the terms will be written by Publica in smart contracts known as Book ICOs.

One of the keys in private/ public key decryption system is READ tokens. READ tokens give readers the capacity to access a book’s digital edition. When the contents of a book get stretched to derivative rights, the terms of these rights will be written into a smart contract by Publica. Known as RIGHTS ICOs, which are run by the RIGHTS tokens.

Publica also has the goal of issuing one Billion Pebbles or PBL tokens in their ICO which would hold in October. These tokens will be utilized as a digital token all through the publishing ecosystem.

Josef Mac, the Publica CEO explains that the publishing economy requires its own digital currency because it is a very elaborate business. Book projects alongside their contracts live longer than individuals. This is also the case with copyrights. Project funds don’t require daily exchanges using local fiat currencies. They are work funds with balances which are long-running. The sharing and gig economy are worldwide and they should head to the publishing sector. No local currency should act as a hindrance to entry.

Pebbles, however, will not be visible to the general public. Token exchanges and coins can offer the price of a book using any denomination. Pebbles function as a means of exchange while users can get in contact with a marketplace which is dominated by any currency they are used to.

Pebbles are better for micropayments, larger payments, instant payments as well as long-term payments.  In a global world like publishing, a currency based on blockchain like PBL tokens can possess great significance.

Ultimately, one of Publica’s core information is that it will facilitate an ecosystem of third parties which partake in the ecosystem of publishing. These third parties are needed to promote and publish high-value and high-quality books consisting of marketers, illustrators, cover artists and a host of others.  

Authors will also have the capacity to carry out their own token launches via the platform, with every token demonstrating a books READ access.


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