What is ProCurrency (PROC) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

As digital assets become more and more popular, many cryptocurrencies are confusing to the public, and most of the users who participate in them are people who have technical knowledge or experience. ProCurrency is a decentralized, blockchain-based platform that supports a cryptocurrency that is user-friendly and simple for the masses. ProCurrency wants to take cryptocurrency and make it simple to use and easy to understand, providing a crypto coin that will be truly available to the public.

Ultimately, ProCurrency aims to disrupt commerce and the traditional way we exchange goods and services. With current systems, there is a focus on rebates, cash back, and incentives for shopping at specific stores; indeed, much of the industry is built around enticing consumers to come back. ProCurrency’s plan is a simple strategy that applies these ideals to cryptocurrency; their vision aims to extend beyond what cryptocurrency is normally used for.

Both consumers and businesses can be introduced to cryptocurrency through rewards that incentivize them to use digital assets in their everyday lives and transactions. With plans to achieve this in place, ProCurrency is proactive and aims to make a real difference as it presents cryptocurrency in a way that hasn’t been experienced before.

ProCurrency’s Two-Phase Approach

An application that is free and simple often is not enough; ProCurrency has a two-phase approach to offer incentives to both consumers and businesses so that the platform’s cryptocurrency, the PROC token, becomes a part of everyday life. The first phase aims to attract the attention of the masses and raise awareness, which is accomplished through two applications, one for consumers, the other for businesses. This will be the gateway for the public to adopt the cryptocurrency, through rewards that are part of not just a loyalty program, but a strategic plan.

The second phase is a Consumer Rebate Rewards application, which is a retail incentive for online shoppers. When consumers shop at their favorite online retailers, they will receive PROC rewards and PROC tokens through the Rebate Rewards Platform. Once people understand how to redeem PROC, the goal is for them to discover how cryptocurrency can be more exciting than traditional cash back. ProCurrency will launch the Rewards Platform once distribution of the PROC coin starts.

The ProCurrency Coin (PROC)

PROC is ProCurrency’s internal form of cryptocurrency; this is the token that users of the platform will receive as a means of reward. Once the platform launches and rewards are distributed, PROC will be listed on major exchanges. Consumers can earn PROC through their purchases, and businesses can earn PROC as they distribute rewards programs that incentivize consumers to keep coming back.

ProCurrency is an innovative project that provides a viable system for taking business strategies and applying them to cryptocurrencies. The main aim of the platform is to transform PROC into a mainstream currency by incentivizing consumers to use the coin, and incentivizing merchants to accept it. ProCurrency is designed to enhance the way the public views, understands and uses cryptocurrency, and it hopes to usher in a new crypto era as the future of commerce.


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