What is Prime-XI (PXI) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Prime Eleven, also written as Prime-XI (PXI), eliminates the use of central authorities to provide a fully decentralized cryptocurrency. To provide a smoother, faster, and secure means of business transactions in any location around the world, this digital currency offers a system of international payment which is open source.

In comparison to other cryptocurrencies before it, transactions which are faster is assured by the implementation of a feature for instant confirmation. During the initial forty-five days after the release of the currency, there was a limitation on exchanges in order to promote the distribution of the network around the world and make it a long-term option.

Prime-XI’s Mission

PXI has the main goal of providing a peer to peer system which is fair, safe, and accepted worldwide. The community that will support the company will be quite large considering the availability of various languages including English, Russian, German, Spanish, and Chinese with a 100 million dollars market cap. This will promote a method of business which will not only be fast and safe but also extends to users residing in different corners of the world.

The Prime-XI (PXI) Hashing Method

An excellent feature of the hashing algorithm behind PXI is the use of multiple layers of security. By using these layers, the currency is protected from black-box attacks, cryptanalytic attacks, and generic second-preimage attacks. Another method which it incorporates is the use of a protected chain hashing. This method uses 11 various algorithms to ensure the network safety. All these layers of safety and sophistication make the currency efficient, and also very reliable. Transactions which receive instant confirmations make it less worrying for the users of the currency while also making it faster.

Software and Hardware Performance

There has been a lot of growth by PXI since its launch. A lot of users consider it to be among the list of cryptocurrencies which offer advanced operations. Users of the currency also experience improvements in the performance of both software and hardware. The currency provides up to 30% lower electricity consumption while the heat generation by the GPU is also reduced by up to 50%. This is why PXI is quite a welcome development. Not only does it provide better protection on the network, the resources which the currency consumes is also reduced. One benefit of this reduced electricity consumption is the possibility of mining the currency regardless of disruptions in electricity supply.

Reward System of Prime-XI

With a 2 percent fee as charge, miners receive rewards on the network through the PROP system which is adopted. Following proper communication with users, there may be changes in the fee which the network charges.

Conclusion for the Prime-XI Cryptocurrency

The PXI is a cryptocurrency which is fully decentralized with management which is autonomous, anonymous, and secure. There have been lots of improvements on the various features of the currency which has shown excellent growth and worldwide acceptance since its launch in 2014. To provide extra layers of protection, the currency utilizes 11 multiple algorithms in its hashing method. A reduction in the requirements as regards the use of resources makes it a great choice for any prospective miner.


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