What is PopularCoin (POP) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Popularcoin is a decentralized platform that supports the exchange and use of cryptocurrency. Based on peer-to-peer transactions, the platform takes away the need for any third parties or central authorities, and enables users to have the freedom of sending cryptocurrency worldwide in a safe and secure manner. PopularCoin is truly open source in that developers can submit their changes to the network’s GitHub, and anyone can view and verify the source code.

PopularCoin’s internal form of cryptocurrency, the POP token, is an open source currency that is available for users to mine and trade. Whenever someone likes or shares something on social media, PopularCoin views it as a transaction; the POP token turns these transactions into assets.

With the current popularity of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and their adoption into the mainstream, PopularCoin aims to integrate a circular economic system around social media that rewards and encourages artistic expression and individual participation. As users spend time on social media, they will be rewarded for their data and will receive POP coins. Currently, many users are not rewarded for their data or participation across many platforms; PopularCoin wants to change this, and aims to be the cryptocurrency platform of the future.

POP’s Circular Economic System

To PopularCoin, transactions occur when someone likes or shares something on social media. When those transactions are given accompanying assets, funds move from advertiser to viewer to artist and back again; artists purchase advertisers, who depend on viewers, and viewers like and share services that are provided by artists.

This enacts a self-sustaining loop. PopularCoin is a platform that not only pays people for their social media activity, but also enables artists to make a living off of that activity; POP rewards artists who create web media, and who build audiences with their personalized artist pages. The token is also given to users who then participate in those pages and media, with activities such as viewing and commenting.

The PopularCoin Token (POP)

The POP token is PopularCoin’s internal form of cryptocurrency. POP tokens are what users receive for their social media activity, as well as what is rewarded to artists. The coin operates on a hybrid Proof of Stake and Proof of Work algorithm system, and is based on the examples of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Users can also receive POP by working on the open source code of the network and providing suggestions for developers; PopularCoin encourages its users to take ownership of their coins, and promote the token in their own way. POP is available on several exchanges and can be traded for popular currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and USD.

The goal of PopularCoin is to utilize both the popularity of social media, and the popularity of cryptocurrencies, and to combine them into a platform that rewards people for their social media activity with digital tokens. The platform promises to remain user-friendly and easy to learn so that anyone can understand the technology behind the network. Ultimately, the platform’s purpose is to be fun, and to bring people together to learn more about emerging ways to have wealth, and how to apply those ways to their daily activities.


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