What is Polybius (PLBT) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Polybius is a decentralized, blockchain-based platform that aims to provide financial solutions for the digital world and for participants in digital currencies. The platform has the lofty and large goal of becoming the first ever fully functioning cryptocurrency digital bank that retains all the features and utilities of a traditional bank.

Finance today is more complicated and diverse than ever. The introduction of digital finances and cryptocurrencies has further complicated the ways that people can invest, send, and save money. A wide variety of tools and providers are needed for planning and managing finances, especially online, and Polybius aims to provide a single platform for complete access and control of finances for its users; that way all of their tools and all of their knowledge resides in one place that is safe and secure.

Polybius’s developers want to provide a seamless and efficient banking experience. Although the Polybius platform is still undergoing creation, they aim to build a complete ecosystem that will allow users to control, manage, and optimize their finances regardless of how much skill or knowledge they have, or what kind of financial instruments they are used to. This will make financial management as it should be: easy, quick, and transparent.

Features of Polybius (PLBT)

Polybius combines the features of all kinds of traditional financial systems into one convenient platform. It takes features from modern banking, the Internet of Things, Big Data, and blockchain-based technologies, while also establishing the highest security possible and meeting UX requirements.

Polybius has developed a unique Digital Pass technology, which serves as the automated and digitized solution that will give users full control over their online identities. Digital Pass will serve as a trusted agent, and Polybius aims to integrate entire industries and their data to the platform, while still respecting individual data owners. Eventually, Polybius’ financial services will be completely connected with international systems, to provide a global solution and to respond to the needs of its users all around the world. Polybius aims to begin in Belgium, then it will reach out more broadly into the European Union before taking its platform worldwide.

The Polybius Coin (PLBT)

Polybius has its own form of cryptocurrency, the Polybius coin (PLBT). All profits that are made from the platform are transferred to Ethereum, and are distributed using Smart Contracts. In order to qualify for these payments, users have to secure PLBT in a compatible ERC20 wallet. Users will have the opportunity to either obtain these coins by holding them in their wallets and staking them or can trade for them on cryptocurrency exchanges. Through the token, the process of loaning and other traditional banking features can be streamlined and incorporated digitally.

Polybius aims to be a financial solution for cryptocurrency users all around the world. Once completely developed it will be a modern, digitized bank that will improve convenience, accessibility, and security, by taking all the features of banks and bringing them onto one platform. The platform is a unique example of all the different ways the cryptocurrency world can be applied to real-world difficulties, and ushers in the future of financing.


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