What is Pluton (PLU) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

We have reached the era of plastic cards being used more than standard fiat cash in most countries around the world. While cash is still the most preferred form of payment it is slowly becoming obsolete as each year passes, new laws are created, and more incentives are given to card users. Even banks around the world have put limits on the amount of cash that can be withdrawn.

This has definitely left people feeling a bit unnerved with the current economic situation. After all, the last recession, that we still haven’t fully recovered from, required massive bank bailouts. Also, let’s not forget how the Great Depression happened. When the banks shutter their doors and no one can get their money, digital numbers will literally mean nothing.

The massive rise and reliance on credit cards have placed many people in a never-ending state of financial despair. With all the confusing interest rates, ease of being abused, and the damage they can do to anyone’s credit score should you borrow too much, this has lead many people to be very reluctant to have a credit card.  

While credit cards have definitely caused a lot of trouble for people, debit cards have made financial transactions simpler. With the massive introduction of reliable cryptocurrencies, it has definitely left open a hole for finding simple ways to use the earned altcoins.

A big issue is that while cold hard cash has its debit card equivalent, cryptocurrency is still having to figure itself out in the grand scheme of worldwide applications. You can, in essence, use both Bitcoins, Ethereum, and other altcoins as payment methods but it can be complex for anyone not used to those platforms and their markets.

So how can people enjoy the profits and cryptocurrencies they earned and use them to pay for the things that they want? Are they other ways to benefit from a digital cryptocurrency debit card equivalent? Is it really possible to enjoy the best of both credit and debits cards in one single digital debit card?

Pluton: A Cryptocurrency Debit Card Platform That Can Be Used Around the World

Thanks to mobile applications and technology it has become easier than ever to use many banking functions without the need to swipe a card. This mobile application has been applied to Pluton its platform Plutus. Pluton is a type of payment utility coin used by the Plutus platform.

This debit card can be used anywhere that accepts VISA and MasterCard. Users simply top the debit card using the Plutus app and then spend money via Bitcoin or Ethereum cryptocurrencies. This simplifies things for people who want to take part in Bitcoin and Ethereum’s markets. Anyone who uses the Plutus debit card gets a nice 3% reward.

How Does Pluton Work?

How users can get the debit card is first downloading the Plutus tap and pay app. Use the apps platform to order a free Plutus debit card. Once you receive the debit card you can top the balance on it using the mobile app. Every time you top the balance with either Bitcoins or Ethereum you earn bonus Pluton tokens that can later be used for trade.

All NFC-terminals will accept the Plutus debit card.

The platform is also open to cryptocurrency trades, buying, and selling among the other Plutus users. This is because the Plutus platform is open to a decentralized exchange between cryptocurrencies. It also allows people to trade and use their earned Plutons.

Final Thoughts on Pluton

This debit card platform has definitely opened doors for massive Bitcoin and Ethereum usage.  The Plutus platform has opened the world of possibilities for future cryptocurrency debit cards to one day appear as well. Being able to use cryptocurrency allows people to feel more secure with their transactions so having the opportunity to actually use the altcoins is a great idea.


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