What is Piplcoin (PIPL) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

The internet has shifted so many industries into embracing different models and the search and application for jobs is no exception. With most jobs now recruiting and hiring based on online profiles, resumes, and digitally submitted applications, it’s no wonder that various websites offering access to job postings are popping up everywhere. The PiplShare Project is a blockchain opportunity for those who are entering into the job search market.

PiplShare Project

The basis of the PiplShare platform is to offer multiple opportunities to job seekers, including a job forum, share working, and a Pipl board.

Although searching for jobs often feels overwhelming, an online job search is a huge improvement from the old ways of hitting the pavement and passing out resumes. The Pipl job forum will offer information about job openings globally, which will allow applicants from all over the world to utilize the platform. Employers will have the ability to post information and requirements regarding their job openings for future applicants to access.

Shareworking is a new way to work. It allows individuals to come together into a virtual work space; while individuals can still concentrate on their own work, they can also interact with other workers in a social virtual environment, encouraging synergy and communication.

Finally, the Pipl board will serve as a directory. Users can use this as either a job seeker or an employer to find career opportunities or recruit qualified individuals to fulfill their job openings. This community is built on top of the blockchain.


The Pipl Project’s coin, PIPL, is what drives the platform. According to the Pipl Project’s website, the developers have utilized estimations of world population growth and future developments. It is a unique currency that employs a completely different coin distribution technique than most cryptocurrencies.

Many cryptos employ a Proof-of-Work model which encourages mining for new coins to enter into distribution, a process that can often last for years. PoW is incredibly energy expensive, however, requiring often cost prohibitive equipment and is damaging to the environment. Other coins function of Proof-of-Stake to create more coins, and often coins work as a hybrid of the two methods.

PIPL completely abandons the PoW/PoS model. Instead, all the coins will be issued during the presale and placed into circulation based on the estimated world population projections. The trading and purchasing of coins on marketplaces will be encouraged, and coins will be destroyed over time in accordance with world population growth. This will encourage the value of the coin on the market as it becomes rarer. Coins will also be placed in a liquidity pool in order to support and fund the PiplShare platform.

Searching for a job is far from easy, and the adoption of online application and recruiting can be difficult to navigate. By putting PiplShare on the blockchain, applicants and employers not only have various employment and hiring options, but coin holders also have the opportunity to invest in a promising and possibly lucrative platform.


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