What is Photon (PHO) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Photon is a fresh cryptocurrency which was built to work perfectly well with the currently available technology, as well as anticipated technology. The photo makes use of the Blake 256 Algorithm. Photon is a coin that was patterned after Blake coin and is, therefore, the second coin to make use of the Blake 256 Algorithm. Due to the similarities in design and model between Photon and Blake coin, the both of them can be mined simultaneously.

At the moment, most cryptocurrencies that are in existence cannot be simultaneously mined in the same manner that Namecoin, as well as some other coins,  are with Bitcoin. The reason for this is the division among those in charge of developing coins. Well, this division is about to come to an end as Photo is working towards changing it. If you are searching for gold in a mine, you would also take along other precious metals that you find while searching for gold as they are also valuable

The goal of Photo to fix the division in the coin mining sector is one reason that it was developed with the use of the light & fast Blake 256 Algorithm. This is the eventuality. Lots of coins cannot be simultaneously mined, some of them are Most Sha-256D coins, Scrypt Coins, etc. Virtually anyone can carry out the mining of Photon with the use of a GPU or a CPU. There are certain information that are needed to mine Photo with the use of FPGA boards. Some of them are contained below

One way in which Photo differs from Scrypt-1024 is that it can be mined with the use of ASIC technology which was built to solve Blake 256. In as much as there is none that is in existence or currently being developed, the memory limitations of making ASIC’s for Scrypt 1024 are not in any way challenging to this algorithm. An optimized version of Blake-256 is more responsive than SHA-256D, Keccak, and Scrypt. This algorithm is built on round one candidate code from the Sphib 2.1 library, was scribbled as an aspirant for SHA-3, and brought down the round function to eight rounds.



Algorithm simplicity

Provision of a program for hashing with the use of a salt


Rapid performance in both hardware and software

Simple trade-off with the turnable amount of rounds

Parallelism and throughput trade-off for the implementation of hardware


Length extension resistant

Side-channel attacks resistant

General second-preimage attacks resistant

The Reasons for Photon using the Blake-256 algorithm beats some others with time.

  • Photon does not make use of artificial security and resistance which bring about a reduction of the power efficiency as well as the mining hash rate. The implication of this is; there is no limitation on any platform
  • The reward which is gotten as a result of the mining of Photon increases as difficulty and block height increase.

Where and How to Buy Photon

Photon can be bought in a process which is made up of just two steps. The first step involves buying an Ethereum or Bitcoin from an exchange that accepts bank account and debit card deposits. Once done, the next step is to exchange the Ethereum or Bitcoin for Photo in an exchange that permits such transactions.


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