What is Pesetacoin (PTC) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

This is a digital currency that can be utilized in the purchase or sales of goods. It is constructed on blockchain technology and has great benefits which make it appealing in comparison to more traditional means of payments utilized in e-commerce. Receiving and sending PesetaCoin is really fast while payment security is almost certain.

Advantages of the PesetaCoin PTC

The utilization of  PesetaCoin (PST) comes with numerous benefits  that include:

  • Transactions are quick because 3rd excessive commissions or 3rd parties which are quite common in a majority of the online payments are not crucial. Cards are not required and individuals can carry out transactions directly with  companies and one another
  • It is not limited to any specific country because ownership cant be claimed by any state. Geographical limitations are some of the issues faced by e-commerce
  • Transactions confirmation is carried out by utilizing nodes which are regulated by the community around the coin. This kind of decentralization is a possibility because of the blockchain technology
  • Security is a core strength from PST because an end to end encryption is utilized for communication. Because transactions done on the platform are irreversible and final, there is no possibility of errors, duplication or falsification.
  • Privacy is also an addition to utilizing PST because one is not forced to display their identity so as to carry out transactions
  • The PST is a wallet that is secured by encryption and cant be lost or stolen as a result of technical errors
  • PST can also be utilized as a store of value which is the same as numerous other precious metals and crypto.

PesetaCoin PTC Details

PST was developed in 2014, by Maria Prieto, a blockchain developer from Spain. Since PST runs on a network that is constructed on the blockchain, there is no specific individual who can claim to own the PST network.

Transactions carried out on the official website of Pesetacoin draws in no fees and those carried out on wallets online draw in low fee. Pesetacoin’s price is determined by the forces of supply and demand which is the situation in the majority of the currencies.

Getting PesetaCoin

There are numerous methods in which individuals can own PesetaCoins. They include:

  • Attaining it for free. This can be carried out via official avenues where PST community members donate it voluntarily so as to raise the coins awareness
  • Purchasing them using fiat currencies
  • Purchasing them via exchanges like Crytopia, Southexchange or Bitrrex
  • Through the internationally recognized Bitcointalk forum

Utilities of PesetaCoin PTC

There are numerous utilities available as regards this coin. One of these consists of a wallet where individuals can store the coins. There is equally a block explorer where individuals can see their transactions. PesetaCoin insight and data are also significant tools for understanding the coin. As a method of enhancing the coins utility, a wallpaper contest is carried out on the platform.

As a result of its Spanish background, some users refer to the coin as the blonde of the coin. The coin is attaining recognition because of how easy it makes e-commerce.


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