What is Peerguess (GUESS) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Peerguess is a free and secure cryptocurrency price ticker application. Many users who participate in the cryptocurrency world continually check the price of currencies through an application. Some popular applications are Coin Ticker and Blockfolio. While these don’t provide accurate information on what to invest in, they do allow users to track the market status of coins or to track the value of their own portfolios.

Peerguess aims to be a new price ticker application that not only provides accurate information about investments, but also allows users to guess future prices and earn Gems, which Peerguess has created and which users can exchange for real cryptocurrencies. Ultimately, Peerguess aims to answer the most important question that is asked when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies: “Will Bitcoin increase or decrease in the next 24 hours?”

Almost everyone in the cryptocurrency community, whether they’re a small investor or a crypto trader, often spends endless time researching for investment hints and clues all across the internet, from resources such as blogs, Twitter, and forums. Peerguess aims to pull information from all of these resources and make it readily available in one place. Users can create portfolios, sign up for alerts, and participate in crypto projects such as CoinDash and Trackr. Peerguess is designed with gamification experience; users can guess the next twenty-four hour value of a specific cryptocurrency, and earn/play with Gems. That way, the platform provides a game to play, even if users don’t currently own any cryptocurrency.

Features of Peerguess

The Peerguess platform analyzes Gem play data to provide sophisticated results on where the market is headed and what the community guesses. The power of Peerguess comes from these Gems, which create community thought; users will be able to see what others think about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and their predictions for the next 24 hours.

To game, users will set the amount of Gem they want to pay with, and click Up or Down buttons to participate in guessing. For example, if the price for one Bitcoin is currently $400, users can guess if it will be lower or higher after the next 24 hours. By playing the game, users can become familiar with the market and how it works, and can compare their predictions with real-world data that is provided by the Peerguess platform.

The Peerguess Token (GUESS)

The Peerguess platform has its own form of cryptocurrency, the GUESS token. GUESS are Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens that users can exchange their Gems for. 6 million GUESS were distributed during the initial coin offering (ICO) that Peerguess conducted, and the following 2 million will be distributed as bounty rewards. The tokens are utilized
as investments in the platform, and pay for the marketing and maintenance costs of the network’s infrastructure.

As a platform that provides opportunities and data for everyone, Peerguess is truly a cryptocurrency ticker application for the entire community. It’s free and secure, and provides a unique way for interested users to participate in and get to know the crypto world. With gamification and real-world data, Peerguess is a new application that makes it possible, and fun, for everyone to make cryptocurrency predictions.


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