What is Parkgene (GENE) Crypto Beginner’s Guide 

Based on a study that was carried out by Frost and Sullivan, the parking sector had a value of about $100 billion. In the next 3-5 years, this industry is slated to stimulate an investment of $200-$250 million. The major part of this capital that is being expected will be channeled towards taking out a lot of the inefficiencies which are existent in the parking industry.

Parkgene is a fresh blockchain-based solution to the challenges that are encountered in the parking sector. This solution can be regarded as “the Airbnb of parking”. Parkgene makes use of an application which gives freedom to owners of private parking lots to put up their parking lots for rent each time that they are not in use.

Every transaction that is involved in the renting of parking lots through Parkgene is done digitally. The process involved is easy, trustworthy, and can be handled by virtually everyone. Drivers that take advantage of what Parkgene has to offer can locate parking spots much easier than they used to. That’s not all, these parking spots are cheaper and can be paid for through the GENE token. This helps in the elimination of transaction extra charges.

Basically, the solution that is offered by Parkgene is one that is already in operation. This solution takes advantage of the existence of such technologies as KYC, blockchains, and smart contracts in delivering services that are secure, robust, and transparent.

Major Features of ParkGene

Parkgene can be a means of extra income both for large corporations as well as individuals. Although this platform is one that is very effective in taking the stress of locating a parking lot on the shoulders of drivers, it does more than that. It goes a long way toward making available parking lots which are very scarce nowadays.

Parkgene makes parking spots available for users without having a need for middlemen such as parking assistants and attendants. With this, car owners can both park their cars in readily available spots and with rest of mind.

It is also important to note that Parkgene uses a dynamic pricing structure which has some things in common with applications like Uber. With this, car owners can easily locate the perfect parking lots as well as its price by just clicking buttons.

How ParkGene Functions

Parkgene possesses an app that gives parking lot owners the freedom to be responsible for their area. Also, as a result of the Parkgene Internet Door Opener, owners of parking spots can have perfect control over access to their parking area.

With a camera that is connected to the primary system module, Parkgene can record videos from several points. Every recorded video is directly connected to blockchain accounts and will go a long way in settling disagreements that could arise in future.

Individuals that are in search of parking spots can make use of the app in booking parking spots and also make payments with the use of GENE tokens. Individuals that are not used to blockchain technology can make payments with the use of fiat currencies.

As an individual that is looking to make use of Parkgene, you can rest assured that you will enjoy a good degree of transparency and security. Also, at the end of every transaction, the GENE tokens are shared among the significant stakeholders.


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