What is Pakcoin (PAK) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Pakcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency. It can be purchased with an EasyPaisa account, a JazzCash account, or bank transfer. The ticker symbol for Pakcoin is PAK. It is traded on two exchanges – Cryptopia and YoBit. PAK tokens are paired with BTC tokens and USD.

The PAK token has a market capitalization of $125,684. Daily trading volume is low; it is currently at $121. There are 59,182,300 PAK tokens in circulation. A total of 182 million PAK tokens are available. The current price is:

0.002124 USD (5.71%)

0.00000032 BTC (1.32%)

Trends in PakCoin PAK Token Trading

Recent trading data indicates a declining currency. At its peak, the PAK token was valued at $2.2 million. This occurred on January 11, 2018. By April 10th, the value of the PAK token dropped to $211,000. There were signs of a recovery. The PAK token rose in value through the month of May. It peaked at $511,000. Then, this currency continued its downward trend, ending up at $125,684. The PAK token is currently ranked at 1,253rd place on the list of cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

How to Get a Digital Wallet?

To use PAK tokens, a digital wallet is required. To create a digital wallet, fill out the form at Pakcoin.io. It is free. A picture ID is required. Users can upload it to the website. The picture should be taken with a CNIC. With the digital wallet, users can buy and sell PAK tokens. The tokens are sent and withdrawn from a Pakcoin address. The first 150,000 applicants will get 50 PAK tokens.

There are several versions of the digital wallet. There’s a Windows version, a Mac version, a Linux version, and an Android version. A paper wallet and e-wallet is available as well.  

Block Explorer Description

The block explorer is designed well. All the transactions are listed in a table. It includes the block height, age, number of transactions, number of tokens generated, difficulty rating, and extraction source. There are several tabs, including a rich list that reveals the top currency holders.

At the top of the page, there is a search bar that lets users search for transactions by various identifiers. Below the search bar, several pieces of information is displayed including the BTC price, USD price, market capitalization, hashrate, difficulty rating, and the number of available tokens.  

New Payment System, New Vendors, and MIning Pools

Recently, Pakcoin launched a merchant payment system. It is called Adaigi. It is compatible with NIC and NTN. There’s a Dashboard, which contains a list of merchant addresses and employees. It displays the last six payments in an Activity Log. Users can set up two-factor authentication. Adaigi is compatible with several payment methods including AdvCash and Perfect Money.

More and more retailers are accepting Pakcoins. The latest retailer to accept this cryptocurrency is MH Traders. This is a gaming retail shop.New users can join a mining pool. This is the official mining pool of Pakcoin.


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