What is Origami Network (ORI) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Origami Network is an all in one, Ethereum based decentralized marketplace that allows users to quickly and easily build marketplaces and offers solutions for payments and escrowed money. Origami is a platform that allows users to build decentralized marketplaces using Ethereum blockchain technologies. They offer reduced platform fees, verified reviews, package tracking, and payment dispute resolutions.

About Origami Network

The platform allows merchants and consumers to connect directly, utilizing a peer to peer model. All payments are made using the platforms native coin, the Origami Token. All payments are instant and offer low fees. The network and blockchain independently validate all transactions which affords users a high level of security.

Users don’t need to provide any personal information to use the platform, allowing users to maintain anonymity. All transactions are backed by Ethereum blockchain powered smart contracts and enforced by offsite oracles. The platform also monitors reviews provided by users to ensure they are valid and trustworthy and takes down fake or paid for reviews.

Two French banks, CIC and BPI France, are currently backing the platform.

Only users who have completed a transaction are allowed to review a merchant or other platform user. All reviews are authenticated before they go live. Users must enter a private key to post a review, and reviews can only be made after consumers receive their product.

The platform also tracks all packages.

Vendors are able to monitor their sales online, edit their inventory, change prices of their products, and track sales.

The Origami Token is an ERC20, Ethereum based token. It is the native token of the Origami platform.  Users who complete transactions enter in to an enforceable smart contract and payments are held in escrow, which allows for users to pay extremely low processing fees.

The Origami Marketplace went live in August 2017 and is available anywhere in the world. The goal is for the platform to offer low fees, connect consumers and vendors directly, and become a leading international online marketplace.

Origami Network Token – ORI

You can buy Origami Token (ORI) using Fiat currency, BTC, and ETH. Users can only use ORI and ETH when completing smart contracts on the platform. Users who complete transactions must pay a 0.8% or 1.0% fee. However, users who complete transactions using ORI do not have to pay any transaction fees on the platform.

Customers who complete validated reviews will receive free ORI tokens. ORI holders will obtain voting rights and have a say on platform related issues. Users who stake ORI tokens will receive free ORI that will be distributed from transaction fees Origami collects.

Origami Team

Julien Bruitte is a software engineer who is Origami’s CEO. Alexandre Duquenoy is Origami’s CMO and has experience as a software engineer and banking and trading software designer. Vincent Pichon is the CTO and has experience as a blockchain developer, software engineer, an e commerce expert. Origami was founded in 2015, and employs an account manager, a sales and marketing team, a full stack developer for the marketplace, and two backend and blockchain developers.


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