What is Octanox (OTX) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Octanox is a blockchain-based, decentralized payment system that is innovative, secure, and enables low transaction costs. Its network is built using the latest blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. Meant as a viable alternative to Bitcoin, the main difference between Bitcoin and Octanox is that unlike Bitcoin (see: How to Get Bitcoins) and many other cryptocurrencies, Octanox isn’t mineable.

Instead, Octanox employs unique and interesting ways for users to gain OTX tokens, such as by playing games and participating in crypto activities. Octanox also uses less energy than Bitcoin, since no mining is required, and is much more environmentally friendly toward our planet.

Octanox provides solutions for faster transactions by utilizing a unique technology that’s provided by WAVES. A wave is a decentralized financial trading platform that operates on its own blockchain and has custom tokens that are its main feature. Custom tokens can be used in a wide variety of ways.

With WAVES, Octanox provides a virtual economy and virtual activities for users who are interested in participating in the crypto world in fun, unique ways. It’s a revolutionary opportunity to conduct transactions online, and users can pick from a variety of Octanox projects to participate in, including a 2d zombie game.

Octanox Projects

Besides providing a platform for a secure and transparent payment system Octanox also has several unique and exciting projects in development. The first is OTXPay, which aims to be the most complete payment gateway for managing, administrating, and increasing sales. With OTXPay features, users have the opportunity to be able to distinguish some consumer from others. As customers are defined and identified, it becomes easier to increase sales within a specific market.

Other projects include Lesfex, a powerful cryptocurrency exchange that is dedicated to users who play in short crypto activities. The exchange allows thousands of people to participate openly and enjoyably in Octanox’s community. It also provides a high-quality opportunity for all kinds of users, from professional traders to beginners, welcoming anyone and everyone to participate on the Octanox platform.

Surviz: A Zombie’s Game

Based on the Waves blockchain, Surviz is the first 2D open world multiplayer survival game that utilizes blockchain technology. Developed with traditional concepts of zombie’s games, Surviz has a principal objective of giving users big rewards for playing it; as part of the benefits, users are able to withdraw the coins they win within the game.

All coins within the game are real OTX tokens, the cryptocurrency that Octanox has developed, as users set up their characters and face off against enemy zombies. Users can also complete in-game purchases with OTX, such as gaining weapons, accessories, and clothes, and can purchase new and exciting levels.

By presenting unique projects and opportunities, Octanox is a platform that gives users an interesting way to earn and spend digital tokens. Users can earn OTX by playing a zombie game, then send those tokens to a friend through a platform that is innovative, secure, and decentralized. Octanox represents the future of blockchain technology, and is representative of all the different ways digital finances can be incorporated into everyday life.


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