What is OBITS (OBITS) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

OBITS is a decentralized, blockchain-based platform that supports OBITS tokens, a cryptocurrency that can be used on the OpenLedger platform. OpenLedger is one of the world’s first truly decentralized autonomous exchanges (DAO). Because OpenLedger is a true DAO, the holdings of the exchange are stable, and user’s balances are always available in full.  

Decentralized autonomous exchanges allow consumers all around the world to trade their fiat or digital currencies for cryptocurrencies. Exchanges are able to profit from user participation by charging small fees and taking a small percentage of every deposit, withdrawal, trade, or transaction that occurs on the exchange; the profits of OpenLedger are distributed to OBITS token holders.

The OBITS platform is home to the OBITS cryptocurrency, a token that is hosted on OpenLedger. These tokens give holders a chance to profit from wild swings that occur in the digital currency market, and OBITS gives anyone and everyone a chance, not just those who have a comprehensive background in blockchain technology or who have experience with trading strategies; OBITS aims to make navigating the crypto market easier and more simple for everyone all across the world.

Features of OBITS

OBITS supports a decentralized DAO, where no single entity or individual can make binding decisions, or has access to the organization’s funds. Funds are distributed all around the world, and users are in complete control of their finances on ledgers. OpenLedger runs on decisions that are backed by code, and key decisions, such as profit splitting, are pre-coded into the system, ensuring that the DAO delivers on its promises and is completely autonomous.


OBITS are the cryptocurrency that the OBITS website, and accompanying OpenLedger, utilize. The first OBITS presale occurred in 2015, and currently, the token is available on CCEDK, OpenLedger, and LiveCoin. OBITS can be used as speculative instruments, or as a means to profit from the long-term crypto investment.

Users who hold OBITS are entitled to become partial owners of OpenLedger and have voting rights directly proportional to the number of tokens they hold. Holders are entitled to a share of any profits that are issued by the organization, and when OpenLedger makes money, so do OBITS holders, according to the number that they own.

All profits are completely transparent and visible on the blockchain, so users can ensure that they are being given a fair share of the profits, and can easily keep track of what’s going on. Since the tokens are part of OpenLedger, they are free from market manipulation and instability, and extreme volatility.

With the OBITS token, users can share in the success of the OpenLedger platform, which the OBITS website fully supports. Changes in the crypto market don’t have to always come with fear or unease; users can profit off of them and participate in decentralized autonomous exchanges.

As an OBIT token holder, a user is entitled to a portion of the profit that DAOs create. This token is unique in that it represents a stake not just in one project, but in the infrastructure that supports the entire crypto market; OBIT enables consumers all around the world to become part of the bright future that is ahead of OpenLedger.


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