What is Naviaddress (NAVI) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

The aim for the global addressing system called Naviaddress is to create a decentralized united global address system for virtual and real-world solutions. The company believes in a world where local and postal addresses show the cultural and historical peculiarity of a certain place. People would also use a unique and reinvented system for digital addresses that reflect the needs of society.

The company’s primary focus is to engage with normal individuals and business all over the world to create, modify, and exchange addresses within the system for their own advantage and also for all address related needs. The company aims to cover primarily all livable places that are currently on Earth. This would allow, for example, individuals who may currently not have a government issued, official address the ability to allocate a Naviaddress to any physical location available. This is meant to empower all people to have the rights to their own address.

Features of the Naviaddress System

One of the primary features and benefits of using the Naviaddress platform is the simplicity of the descriptions given to locations and addresses. This consists of a very hierarchical, specific order of digits that in most cases begin with a container (which corresponds with the country code given internationally) and is followed by a sequence of numbers that are based on whether the information is specific to a postal address or automatically given by the system.

A unique Naviaddress can only be made by the users of the system. It usually refers to any random place on the earth, for example a tree in a park, a parking lot, a spot in the sea, or anything similar. The algorithm is used in this case to give GPS coordinates. The third dimension is used to create an exclusive combination of digits that are similar to the postal Naviaddress. A unique Naviaddress is used to refer to the particular place at any time.

How the Naviaddress System Works

The creator of the address may, otherwise, easily move or transport the code to another location if necessary. The custom Naviaddress consists of, by default, at least 6 unique digits (given within containers) and are free to every user on the platform. This is usually the beginning step towards gaining rights to the premium Naviaddress for individuals or businesses that wish to incorporate the Naviaddress into the promotional or marketing materials. This can also be used for personal reasons as well.

While the users of the platform may not create the postal Naviaddresses, they are able to find these codes in a particular location. This can be done by clicking on the location on the app or map on the website. These users are also able to share these postal Naviaddresses for a variety of different reasons such as calling a taxi, using an e-commerce website, performing deliveries, navigating the system, and more.

The Naviaddresses are free for all users and will be visible to everyone. The company aims to make the postal Naviaddresses open sourced on the databases. This includes logistics, enabling e-commerce systems, and any other business features that would help companies streamline their processes, thus decreasing cost and increasing usability.


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