What is MUSICONOMI (MCI) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Musiconomi has a goal of reshaping the relationship between musicians and their listeners, this is possible through taking advantage of the Musicoin Blockchain.

The Musicoin scheme is a pay-play platform that is built on Blockchain. It is a platform that ensures that holders of rights, as well as artists,  get paid directly and promptly. This is done through the use of smart contract technology. The Musicoin project visualizes a substantial ecosystem in which the promotion and the sharing of good quality music comes with its own awards. Also, artists have the freedom of incentivizing social distributions that meet their necessities.

Why Musicoin?

As an artist, your fans are one of the most important parts of your career. Musiconomi, therefore, makes an avenue for artists to reward their fans available. The availability of a straightforward system that helps to spur exposure, as well as social sharing, artists can easily reward their fans for supporting them. An example of this is; artists can make a decision on what percentages of their income on each track they will be sharing with their fans. As a new artiste, you can get a larger fan base on social media by allocating a sizeable proportion of your income on each track for rewards. Unlike new artists, already establish arts can allocate a lower proportion of their income for rewarding their fans.

Another way this can be done is to develop a playlist which cuts across various genres. Get them shared and induce revenue every time your song gets played.  You can also decide to transmit a radio station that is into streaming and generate your content. With this, money can be made each time your song is played. You could also decide to advertise a top-notch blog meant exclusively for the review of music. This can help you make money each time “read” is clicked.

There are lots of other tools and features that will be put into consideration developed and published in the nearest future.

Sharing Tracks and Playlists

Users of this platform can create a “URL” for any track, and this URL can be used to make the track available on social media platforms. If this shared URL is used by a different person to play the song, a certain amount comes to whoever shared the link. If for any reason, the locked up tokens get withdrawn, the link remains active, however, no amount will come to the sharer.

Track Boosters

With the footers attribute, users are free to support whatever tracks they desire specifically. As an artist’s boosting increases, the higher their chances of getting prominent on the site. To reward boosters, artists can give them access to special contents.

Dynamic Embedded Player

3rd party websites are free to have an account on Musiconomi. After this, a player which functions in a way that is similar to the mode of function of SoundCloud can be embedded. Every track that gets selected to be shown on minor sites will be randomly from nominated subsets.

Embeddable Fundraising Widget

Artistes can put a widget on either a social media site or on their own sites. When done, this can be used to raise funds. For each campaign to be successful, a certain amount of tokens will be locked up for a certain number of days. This is in addition to the artiste being verified.


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