What is More Coin (MORE) – Crypto Beginner’s Guide

The blockchain now has a key role in various areas of daily life and the development of More Coin has seen its application in the hospitality sector globally. The first more location was open in Las Vegas to be followed up within 18 months by another 10 locations.

In the various More locations which are available all over the world, the use of the utility token, More Coin, is quite common. The coin is based on the Ethereum technology. The Hyde at the Bellagio, Las Vegas, serves as the location for the first More club. To become a member, an individual needs to own at least 5000 More tokens. Some of the benefits available to such members include lower prices when they use any More service such as exotic car rentals, premium events, and bottle services while they also gain access to various More clubs.

Anyone looking to purchase More coins – especially those looking to become members of More clubs, can visit Bittrex.com to make the purchase.

Although More tokens are well received as a means of payment for various services, the club also accepts credit cards and other cryptocurrencies.

The MORE club has become a great attraction for celebrities like Brody Jenner, UFC athletes, Basketball players, 21 Savage, and more. Various crypto notables have also been present at the club. The club also promotes the cryptocurrency market to its visitors.

An excellent benefit to becoming a member of MORE is the ability to rent, share, and lend this membership. This is similar to what people do with a luxury box at any stadium.

The MORE token is limited through the use of a smart contract. As a result of this smart contract, the maximum number of MORE members is set at 6,000 with a total of 30,000,000 tokens. The tokens have also become a means of payment for services in various hotel-casino at=round the world with 5-star ratings.

The Aim of MORE Coin

Lifestyle is the main focus of the MORE platform. The MORE platform hopes to create destinations for its members to truly enjoy nightlife with an experience which is unlike what they get in a lot of venues which feel impersonal. It also brings members to a lot of interesting and notable personalities up close. It aims at providing the real club experience.

In More clubs such as the Hyde at the Bellagio, there is a second outdoor patio which is exclusive to More members which not only offers a breathtaking view of Las Vegas but also offers privacy.’

A comprehensive list of some of the perks that come with membership includes:

  • Rental of Exotic cars with payment acceptable in cryptocurrency
  • If available, T-Mobile arena events are accessible
  • Full access to any More location which will open in future
  • You and a guest get unrestricted access to More Las Vegas
  • Access to More Las Vegas Patio which is subject to reservations
  • Cryptocurrency concierge service
  • Invites to various special events both in the club and around the world
  • Meet and greet with artists when available


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