What is Monster Byte (MBI) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Gambling and online casinos have been on the internet since the early 2000s. With the rise of many legal and illegal casinos popping up all over the internet many people soon became addicted. Giving more opportunity to earn without having to travel to a local casino but more power into a gambler’s hands.

But along with this massive availability of digital casinos came many drawbacks. From gambling scams to identity theft to even stolen credit card information, these online casinos proved to be dangerous. While many countries have placed regulations, government officials, and other controls on online casinos it still hasn’t stopped the many online casino scams that persist even today.

Grant it, people only have to do a little research to find out if an online casino is legitimate or illegal. But since it is still a festering wound in the gambling world, many cryptocurrency developer teams have taken some initiatives in bringing about a new age casino that is fairly reliable.

Everyone has heard of the massive gambling success stories surrounding BitDice, LiteDice, and other dice gambling platforms. Being able to win high profile cryptocurrency with a medium level of volatility is every gambler’s dream.

But taking some chances with a pair of digital dice isn’t the only casino game platform out there running on crypto. You can easily find many casino card game platforms and digital coin-oriented casinos that offer an even wider array of gambling opportunities. From Blackjack to roulette to even baccarat, you are bound to find your favorite casino game with some nice perks and bonuses.

Despite how reliable cryptocurrency is one still has to worry about scams, payouts, and whether the game platform is even worth trying. After all, nothing like gambling only to realize you either don’t get much of a payout or it isn’t in a cryptocurrency that is tradeable.

How can users be sure they are using a reliable casino gambling platform? What cryptocurrencies will be used for payouts? Will it be able to accept fiat currency too? When it comes to gambling you want to make sure you are using a good platform so that you can at least have a fair chance of winning.

Monster Byte: The Multi-platform Solution for Modern Cryptocurrency Gambling

Monster Byte isn’t just one gambling platform. It is more along the lines of a multi-casino platform that offers users a vast selection of games and sports to gamble on. Monster Byte is basically a gambling platform that runs and manages other gambling websites on their platform to ensure quality and fairness.

Some of the online casinos that utilize the Monster Byte platform are:

  • CasinoBitco

    An online casino that also functions as a sportsbook for those who like to bet on races, cryptocurrencies, and so on. Users get to try many peer to peer skill-based games and enjoy other perks of the platform as well.
  • Bit777
    A flash-based online casino that offers a variety of classic casino games such as blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat, poker, and more. Players can win Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies that are wagered.
  • PeerBetA digital casino dice site that allows users to place bets and earn big name cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

How Does Monster Byte Work?

Monster Byte uses their own proprietary technology to ensure all of their owned gambling sites function adequately and are secure for all bets, payouts and cryptocurrency exchanges within the platform. Monster Byte uses a provably fair paradigm to ensure users get a chance at winning.

One example is the provably fair shuffle for their platform’s card games. This allows users to shuffle the deck before the cards are dealt and bets are placed.

What are the Benefits of Using Monster Byte?

The Monster Byte casino network provides users opportunities to play multiple casino games, bonuses, cryptocurrency pool contests, peer to peer games, in-built cryptocurrency trading platforms, raffles and other promotional deals, and more.

Final Thoughts on Monster Byte (MBI)

Monster Byte is a well-known gambling platform that offers users a safe, secure gambling environment. Since the platform has been around since Bitcoin’s early beginnings it is safe to say this online casino is the real deal. Users can easily win big currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The future for this platform is to also one day allows trading and usage of fiat currencies.


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