What is Monoeci (XMCC) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Another excellent cryptocurrency on the market which is based on the X11 algorithm, Monoeci works as a PoW/PoS cryptocurrency.  It hopes to offer credit card and smartphone apps for businesses to offer to their customers. It also offers Monegasque merchants terminals through which they can receive payments. A second layer network is also created from masternodes by XMCC for transactions which are anonymous and instantaneous.

Where can I get the Monoeci (XMCC) wallet?

Storage of Monoeci is possible through the use of the Monoeci wallet software which is available on the website. The group of developers behind Monoeci are also responsible for developing the wallet. For users who want to be sure of the best protection for their cryptocurrencies, wallets such as Ledger Nano S, TREZOR wallet, and other dedicated hardware wallets are also available. If this option is too expensive, you can also get security for your coins along with a few additional features through mobile wallets like Coinomi or Jaxx.

How do I mine Monoeci (XMCC)?

As long as you have a specialized mining software on your system, mining of Monoeci is possible. For systems running on AMD or Nvidia graphics, a common mining tool which is excellent for both GPU mining and CPU mining is XMR Stak. Users with systems running on Nvidia graphics cards can also make use of CCMiner. A mining pool is also necessary for users to work together with other miners to make the process easier. Finally, a wallet to store the Monoeci you gain.

How do I buy Monoeci (XMCC)?

A lot of cryptocurrencies available on the market are not available for purchase using the U.S dollars. This doesn’t apply to most major cryptocurrencies as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash are available for purchase. As soon as you have Bitcoin in your wallet, then you can visit an exchange which offers Monoeci to its users.

Benefits of Monoeci

There are lots of benefits which users stand to gain with the use of currencies based on the blockchain technology I contrast to regular currencies. These include:

  • The services are free
  • Through the use of encryption, there is a protection of personal data and transactions of users
  • Long-term projects are completed using users funds as a form of investment
  • The blockchain provides excellent security and funds protection

How Monoeci works

The process through which Monoeci works is quite simple. For instance, if a user, A, needs to transfer Monoeci to another user, B, a transaction will be made. The transaction is initiated from the Monoeci wallet or any exchange platform offering the coin. The Monoeci network then processes a transaction which is private and secure. Each transaction on the Monoeci platform has a POSe & POW + Masternodes framework. After the processes are complete, the user B then receives the transaction which A sent.

The ecosystem of the Monoeci platform will have the following:

  • ATM
  • Payment terminal
  • New exchange platforms
  • Mobile app
  • Payment card

Monoeci’s Core Team

The core members of the Monoeci team includes Sébastien Icard who is the lead developer and co-founder, Dimitri Jeangérard as the manager, Émile Josselin as the strategy and communications consultant, and Boris Fedoroff who serves as the international affairs advisor.


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