What is Monkey Project (MONK) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Based on the Proof of Stake system, Monkey Project features Proof of Work up to 99999. The team behind the Monkey project consists of people from various fields with a common love for Proof of Stake. These include Linux gurus, experts in marketing, community managers, and coin developers. POS Monkey aka Norman, is the leader of this development team which has proven to be trustworthy.

The Discord app features a massive community of active members in support of the Monkey project. The MONK coin is being guided to success through the team of developers who are both committed and competent. The Monkey Project aims at providing the maximum transparency attainable for the platform. Members of the community using the discord platform vote on specifications and features which will improve the Project.

On the 18th of December 2017, the MONK Team released the version 1.4 of the wallet. This version features a Proof of Stake rewarding system and many more new exciting features. Exchanges such as Coinsmarket, Cryptopia, and others already feature the coin.


  • Coin control is not required
  • Various ROI on blocks with a 24/7 availability
  • Maximum supply of 100M which is low
  • 0.4% Premine

The MONK coin

The period during the initial launch of the coin already indicated a great future for the coin. MONK is the result of a simple POS project. To prevent users from waiting for the release of superblocks while locking their wallets, POS Monkey had to come up with a solution.

The ROI system in use on MONK

MONK offers a unique ROI system for its users. The Blocks on MONK all feature a different ROI with 24/7 availability.

Below is a look at the unique way through which various ROI are provided as rewards to any POS Block which is found:

  • An ROI of 1850% is given to every UltraBlock which is a Block with the digit 2 as the ending
  • All Blocks with the digits 6 and 9 as the ending have an ROI of 730%
  • An ROI of 365% is available as standard daily return on all blocks with other digit endings

Through this rewarding system, users can enjoy the availability of the UltraBlocks and SuperBlocks 24/7. It also assures users of an ROI system which is safe to use and unaffected by users locking wallets. These are the unique features and changes which has sealed the place of MONK as the best POS coins available.  


There are some new features available on the wallet which include:

  • Potential Stakes Tab: the wallet features a potential stake display on the Input Tab. This stake uses the waiting time as the basis of the estimation.
  • A Statesplit Threshold: to eliminate coin control, the wallet lets users set a minimum block size.
  • Total Minted coins: the wallet offers a display which is available at all times to show the total number of coins that have been staked. This gives users an insight into the profits which is available to them.

The use of the MONK wallet ensures that staking is possible for all users without any major issue. 


To view the Roadmap of the MONK coin, visit http://monkey.community.

This was made available in December 2017 while the implementation of Masternode was in the first quarter of 2018.


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