What is MicroMoney (AMM) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

The emerging market is filled with billions of people who live in areas where banks are difficult to get to or not accessible, and they are unable to build up a credit score or receive financial assistance or loans. MicroMoney is a financial institution that wants to offer bankable opportunities to unbanked individuals.

Emerging Markets

MicroMoney began as a microfinance institution in 2015 which offered short term loans to individuals and small businesses. Established on the blockchain, MicroMoney is decentralized and open sourced. It also uses artificial neural networks for risk scoring.

With over 2 billion people in the world who are unbanked, MicroMoney wants to make sure that unbanked and underbanked individuals are given the chance to become involved in the global decentralized economy. Although many people in emerging markets may not have access to banking opportunities, most of these people regularly use smartphones and social networks. Cryptocurrency and decentralized banking is preferable in these situations, as individuals can easily control their crypto wallets and investments and have access to financial opportunities without needing access to a bank to do so.

MicroMoney (AMM) Features

An Open Source Credit and Big Data Bureau, MicroMoney connects customers to existing financial services. In only 15 minutes, a customer’s creditworthiness can be assessed, and they can receive a loan all from the comfort of their smartphone. MicroMoney does not require any collateral or additional documentation.

Without the assistance of centralized banking opportunities, individuals do not get the chance to develop any credit; there also tends to be a lack of Credit Bureaus in some Asian countries. Not having a credit score can have a negative effect on future financial opportunities for customers. MicoMoney helps to combat that, as well, since individuals will be able to raise their credit score and lower interest costs for loans through frequent use of the platform.

By enabling those in emerging markets the opportunity to enter into the global economy through decentralizations, billions of new individuals will be introduced to thousands of businesses.


MicroMoney’s financial platform will utilize the AMM token within its ecosystem. It will serve as fuel for the ecosystem and offer incentives to customers for use. AMM will open up additional platform features for customers, and they will receive it as a reward for paying off loans in time.

Banks and other institutions will be required to use AMM to purchase customer data and credit score information on the platform.

Since MicoMoney also supports Sustainable Development Goals, members can use AMM to donate to several world-wide causes.

With over 2 billion unbanked people in the world, there are many who will not have the chance to access important and life-changing financial opportunities. MicroMoney is determined to change that by using emerging markets, whose majorities use handheld technology such as smartphones, to make banking more accessible. By giving access to decentralized financial options, MicroMoney will be able to help people in emerging markets better their lives and their futures with financial stability.


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