What is Memetic/PepeCoin (MEME) Crypto Beginner’s Guide

Memetic is a new cryptocurrency platform for the Kekdaq protocol, which is a decentralized Meme hashing exchange. Memes are ideas or behaviors that spread from one person to another within a singular culture, and the most popular way to exchange these ideas or behaviors is through the use of images. The Memetic platform combines both Proof of Stake (PoS) and Proof of Work (PoW), and provides users with the opportunity to preserve memes that they and others have created. Users can also enact transactions using their PepeCoins. Simply, the platform is a place where users can store and celebrate their memes.

At first, the cryptocurrency of the platform was originally named the PepeCoin. Now, it’s also named the MemeCoin. At a glance, the platform and its coin might seem like a scam or a joke; however, it is legitimate, and its developers are currently working on it. It is becoming even more legitimate as it is integrated into the mainstream and is being adopted on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Essentially, Memetic is a decentralized platform for exchanging memes. Its PepeCoin is an open-source, peer-to-peer currency that is exchanged and transacted on an individual basis, without any central authority or governance presiding over it. The main goal for the platform is to be a source for users to anonymously and safely store memes.

The History of PepeCoin

PepeCoin was launched early in 2016 as a cryptocurrency for meme lovers and preservers. Its original name is rooted in the image of Pepe the frog, an image which unfortunately has some affiliations with racism. After pressure from the ADL and the need to be a politically correct exchange, the coin was renamed to Memetic, then renamed back to PepeCoin in 2017. The platform now uses both names, and is listed under either one depending on the exchange they are listed in.

The Kekdaq Protocol

Kekdaq is the first legitimate protocol fork of Counterparty, which exists on the PepeCoin blockchain, and aims to serve as a place to preserve memes and their rarity. Kekdaq allows users to create memes, trade them with other people who care about memes, and serve memetic properties.

Kekdaq has its own digital wallet available for users to download, where they can hold their PepeCoins securely and safely. The wallet is highly secure and all encryption is handled on the client side. All addresses and keys are created as users log in, so none of that private information ever leaves their browser. Both Kekdaq and its wallet are also open-source, which means that they both work exactly the way they are supposed to and users can check their authenticity. Users may even run their own Kekdaq Wallet servers.

Whether users believe it is truly legitimate or not, Memetic is a PoW and PoS cryptocurrency platform that is decentralized, encrypted, and secure. Users can store images and information anonymously, and can utilize the platform to share, trade, and create memes. The network employs Masternodes for security, and developers are aiming for the coin to be an investment in the long term. This is a currency that meme lovers everywhere will be highly interested in.


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