What is Measurable Data Token (MDT) Crypto Beginner’s Guide 

Data is everywhere you look. You use it with your phones and computers. Every single transaction, digitized document, message, call, video, and so on all make new data. Governments, banks, businesses and even the average working person all consume and make mass amounts of data.

With all the negatives that have come to be associated with data, it has left a bad taste in many people’s mouths. All the security breaches, hacking, data theft, and in many cases, corporations attempting to squeeze people out of their last dime. Or worse companies offering a “free” product at the cost of handing over your data so that they can profit from it.

This has left people feeling overwhelmed and taken advantage of. Many wonder what the point is in having all this data flying around and why not just delete it? Some wonder if there are any benefits to all of this data? What can all this data even be used for? What can a person do to protect themselves and gain back their right to profit from their own data?

The team who developed measurable data tokens have made strides in bringing people the answers to those very questions. Like many other cryptocurrencies that tout data security, data profits and so on, the measurable data tokens offers similar promises with a little extra on top.

Measurable Data Token: A Key Into The Data Exchange Eco-system

Measurable Data Token (MDT) was built on an Ethereum and utilizes blockchain-based data exchange eco-system (network). Not only is this cryptocurrency cryptographically secure it also allows users to get rewards in the form of MDT tokens. The Singapore based team who created this cryptocurrency wanted people to be able to get at least some profit from their data.

Knowing that many big businesses and corporations are profiting off of your data is only half the battle. Measurable data tokens offer you the way to win this data war and gain back control over your personal data.

The creators of this token use it for two of their current projects. The app MailTime which offers users a secure and anonymous messaging platform. The other project, Measurable AI, is used to transform data into various into various insides which will benefit investors and marketing companies.

How Measurable Data Tokens Work

Measurable data tokens work through a decentralized Ethereum blockchain that conducts all transactions through smart contracts. These smart contracts are all traceable on the blockchain thus preventing any risks of receiving invalid data. By connecting data providers, consumers and buyers into a network of sorts it gives the data more valuable.

The measurable data tokens simply act as a utility for the data to transfer on. The data itself remains anonymous giving security to all who buy, trade and sell it. Basically, this gives data providers a secure way to make a profit and gives both consumers and buyers a safe trading model.

How you earn these tokens is by trading your data points for an equivalent value of tokens. The more data you produce, the more you can trade/sell, and the more money you will receive.

Benefits of Measurable Data Tokens

There are two major benefits of using this cryptocurrency.

  • You get to continue doing what you love as long as it creates data to sell/trade for tokens.  
  • Despite being traceable, all aspects of the exchange are secure for all parties involved.

Final Thoughts

Measurable data token offers another type of network for secure data transactions and giving individuals the ability to earn profit from their own data. It has a sound data points to tokens trade system which makes the tokens reliable for investments. This is a good investment cryptocurrency for those who either create a lot of data or are marketing companies.


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